IT is becoming the norm that, with each passing week, Zimbabwe scores big.

That is the feat that the new dispensation aims to achieve going forward.

That is the feat that has, time-and-again, driven us as a people.

The new dispensation is about breaking away from the past.

It is about creating new opportunities for the country.

It is about bringing development in all facets therein.

We are no longer pursuing politics of abrasiveness.

We are no longer into the business of fighting with this or that country.

We are now into the business of fighting the pervading economic malaise.

We are now into the business of bringing together everyone, regardless of political affiliation.

This is why the signing of the Tripartite Negotiating Forum agreement (TNF) by President Emmerson Mnangagwa is testimony that, gone are the days of unnecessary hostilities.

In the same breath, gone are the days of using the workers to pursue nefarious agendas against the country.

The worker is now getting all the credit he/she deserves.

The worker is now being put at the forefront of ongoing efforts to revive the economy.

At the core of the drive to breathe life into the economy is now the worker.

This is what the TNF will bring to the worker and the general make of the economy.

We have, through last week’s historic signing of the TNF agreement, reopened many doors of development.

We have opened a new path; firstly of reengagement with ourselves and secondly with the rest of the world.

The world can only pay attention to us if and when we are united.

Our neighbours will only open their doors for us when we are one people.

They will only listen to us if, and when, we listen to each other.

Hostilities and confrontation create leeway for the enemy to infiltrate with ease.

Antagonism and unnecessary bickering leave us vulnerable and exposed to the never ending machinations of the enemy.

We should always be on guard.

We should embrace each other and map the way forward.

We should bring forth the spirit of unity so that we can move forward.

This is what was on display during the signing of the TNF agreement.

This is what should be on display in the aftermath of that historic agreement as we move forward.

Let us pay heed to a key tenet of the TNF, the social contract.

Let us adhere to the terms and conditions of TNF to the letter and spirit.

Let allow dialogue to be the first port of call if, and when, we face challenges, as is the case now.

Let us agree to disagree, but always remain bound by the knowledge that we are one; we are together and, most importantly, that we are Zimbabweans.

The worker deserves all the respect he/she deserves.

Workers are not tools for settling cheap political scores.

Rather they are loyal servants of their beloved nation whose toil should manifest through savings, enough to last them a lifetime.

This is what worker representative entities should be advocating.

This is what they should be bargaining for during their talks with Government and other stakeholders.

We are Zimbabwe and, to the future, we march in earnest.


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