Women must step up


OUR country is presently engaged in the revival of structures that support nationhood.
Everyday in the news are heart-warming stories pointing to massive development.
Our country is richly endowed and we have one of the best human resource base in the world.
Innovations being brought forth, especially in the engineering and information technology areas, are inspiring.
Zimbabwe is a country with vast resources running to trillions of dollars but its most treasured resource is its people.
Among our people, our women are our pride and joy.
Once again we celebrate our women and though the month of March has been set aside to celebrate them, I will again emphasise the point that as Africans, we celebrate our women everyday.
These celebrations come at a time our nation is going through an exciting phase.
For the first time, there is a dominant and huge positive vibe buzzing all over the place.
The nation is fired up.
The word ‘development’ has become a mantra; the rallying call everywhere.
It is no secret that that our female folk feature prominently in our day-to-day affairs, playing and assuming significant and important roles in all socio-economic areas.
It is common knowledge that we dislodged colonialism with the help of our womenfolk; they were not passive in the fight to drive-out the white oppressor.
The great spiritual leader, Mbuya Nehanda, directed the First Chimurenga and continues to inspire the nation.
And our women actively participated in the armed struggle, the Second Chimurenga.
In this new dispensation, women’s voices are loud and clear.
They want to take on more roles of responsibility in transforming the fortunes of the country.
I was particularly impressed by one of our female lawmakers, Mabel Chinomona, who challenged women to step up and participate in the forthcoming elections not just as voters but candidates as well.
We have women whose contribution will be vital to the development of our nation, from the grassroots up to the national level.
In various fora, regional and international financial institutions, film industry, the United Nations and many other organisations, Zimbabwean women are found serving as vital cogs key to the smooth running of these entities.
Our women daily contribute their share of sweat in determining the history, identity of our nation and its future.
Indeed, they must answer the call to step up and occupy more national spaces.
Women are crucial to sustainable development.
Economic empowerment and general upliftment of people which does not take into account women is flawed.
Issues of hunger and poverty alleviation will best be dealt with men and women working alongside each other.
Women should not hesitate to occupy spaces in governance.
They have the capabilities.
Increased women participation, especially in politics, will enhance our people’s capacity to provide for themselves and to be active participants in the socio-economic processes of their communities, society and their nation.
No nation can be built by a few individuals, it can only be built by all its people.
A nation is a net result of the people’s collective efforts; men, women and children, together.
A nation manifests itself through a united entity if everyone is allowed to play his/her role as equal partners.


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