Worried about musicians and prophets


EDITOR – In recent months we have witnessed the entertainment industry suffering a big blow with major entertainers turning to some of the mushrooming Pentecostal churches, leaving their band members stranded.
Beverly Sibanda’s manager, Hapagute Mapimhidze, had no choice, but to follow her to Prophet Magaya’s church and he was rewarded by being made the manager of Bev’s shop, but other fellow dancers are crying foul after Magaya only focused on the two.
When Leonard Zhakata joined Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa’s church, his band, Zimbabwe All Stars were left stranded, but later Zhakata made a U-turn and started holding shows at his usual venues although the lyrical content is now gospel inclined.
These emerging prophets seem to be luring prominent artistes to boost their popularity in order to get money at the expense of those who depend on artistes for a living as only the band leaders benefit and the rest of the members are left stranded.
When our favourite artistes stop being social commentators and start singing gospel only, then it becomes unfair to some of us who are not much into that type of music.
Please ‘men of God’ there are so many lost sheep and suffering people out there who need your help more than those artistes whom you want because they have strived to make their names.
Zimbabweans beware that your man of the moment Jah Prayzah will soon be taken away from you by one of these prophets.

Fidelis Mushonga


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