Writer’s recipe for success


FOUNDER and president of Off the Hook Group Dr Patson Dzamara recently launched his first book that is expected to impart skills on achieving greater goals in life to the majority. Off the Hook is a non governmental organisation founded in 2009 comprising of five companies involved in relief work, life coaching services for management and leadership skills including a publishing house. Dr Dzamara, who is an educationalist, motivational speaker and counsellor, said he took almost a year to publish his book The Winning Team-Symbiotic Effect. He said it spells out principles on how teams can lobby together to greater goals in life. Published by Off the Hook Publishers, the book is targeted at everyone who desires to leave an indelible mark on the sands of time. In an interview with The Patriot, the group’s Executive Director, Mr Patson Makumbe, said the book cut across all sections of society while providing solutions on how people could work together for the betterment of the country. “This book is for married people, for companies and others to use to develop their relationships, their businesses and the country,” Mr Makumbe said. “It is Dr Dzamara’s first book which took him almost a year to publish because he had to compile information from the seminars and workshops he held. “Dr Dzamara wrote the book so that the information he taught could be kept in book form nwhile guarding against information distortion.” Mr Makumbe said other launches of the book would be held in the country and in neighbouring countries including South Africa. “We are going to go to other cities to launch the book in order for people to appreciate it and its contents,” said Mr Makumbe. “The company is still working on the logistics, but we are definite that in June, we will launch the book in South Africa.” He revealed that several copies of The Winning Team-Symbiotic Effect were printed and that more would be on the market as demand increased. “One thousand copies of the book have been printed and we plan to increase the number as demand for it increases,” Mr Makumbe said. “We will also employ marketing strategies in future to measure the book’s success and how it has been received by the public.” The Winning Team-Symbiotic Effect is already on sale in bookshops countrywide.


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