Zim @ 39 and not out


EDITOR — CONGRATULATIONS Zimbabwe! Makorokoto Zimbabwe! Amhlope Zimbabwe! 

A golden 39 and still counting. 

Batting and talking boundaries as we aim to dismantle all the shackles of the big brother mentality and sanctions imposed by the United States. 

Were Zimbabwe a poor resourced nation, the US would not be bothered to meddle in our affairs.  

Our Uhuru must see our land and economy feed and nourish the nation.

Our Uhuru must see us fully in charge of our destiny.

Our Uhuru must see us united as one.

The land is the economy and the economy is land.

The strides in the farming sector need to be applauded. 

Today the black farmers are making a mark in the tobacco sector which used to be a domain of the white farmers.

We, however, need to up the game in food security. 

While more farmers need to grow the basic cash crops, let us not abandon crops such as maize which are critical to ensuring food security.

Let us ensure that farms we got through the Land Reform and Resettlement Programme are fully productive.

There are college graduates from agricultural colleges who need a little support to set off production; land must be availed to these so that they put their knowledge to use and benefit the country. 

Happy independence Zimbabwe! Soon we score the big 40. They say life begins at 40 and we are one year shy off the mark. 

Proudly Zimbabwean!

James Patiriro,



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