Zimbabwe beyond July 30


PICTURE this: People live in Harare. They have gone for a month without getting water from their taps but every month they pay their bills and the Harare City Council says those who have gone that long without water must make contributions so that the local authority can attend to their problem.
That is not enough.
The same people walk home everyday in the evening after work but there are no street lights where they stay.
There is more.
Heaps of litter assault their eyes and sense of smell everywhere.
Still there is more.
Early this year when heavy rains hit the country, people were confronted with waterlogging in almost every part of the city.
Malicious drivers splashed water on them at every turn.
Still they soldiered on.
Now the opposition MDC-Alliance canvasses for their votes, claiming they have what it takes to make Harare and other cities world class.
But these are people who are helping themselves with hefty salaries, perks and other benefits.
They say they are working ‘hard’ to make Harare the Sunshine City it should be.
Yet that remains a pipe dream, which those manning the council are dismally failing to achieve.
They belong to the MDC, the supposed party of excellence.
Something happened in November 2017.
Something historic.
Something compelling.
Zimbabwe witnessed a change of guard.
It gave birth to what is now known as the new dispensation.
Seven months into the new dispensation, the Government has announced it is taking over all infrastructure development projects nationally.
There is visible development.
Roads are now being resurfaced.
Bit by bit the potholes are disappearing.
Not the Zimbabwe we want
It has been an immensely taxing week by all means.
A certain grouping has been hit hard by what will be the outcome of the forthcoming elections which are pretty much a done deal, especially where ZANU PF is concerned.
They resort to terror tactics all to seek the postponement of those polls, all in a bid to buy time and regroup and perhaps launch another onslaught on the lives of the toiling masses of this our beloved country.
That is the Zimbabwe they have thrived in, a Zimbabwe which is defined by and designed in chaos.
Time — that ultimate ruler, decider and that prime purveyor of all things — has yet to decide on the fate of the current ZANU PF and Zimbabwean leadership as seen by their failure to achieve their goals at White City Stadium.
Elections are coming and those opposed to the prosperity of this country have every reason for apprehension.
What happened in Bulawayo can only be condoned by those of an unstable mind.
There is so much good that is happening to this country.
We are walking on a path that has never been seen before in this country.
We are in a period of transformation and it has visited upon almost every province and every household.
This is a juggernaut that cannot be stopped, even by terrorism.
This is not the Zimbabwe we want.
Every sane Zimbabwean dreams of a country which is underpinned by peace and security.
Bullets and bombs are not selective.
Which way Chamisa?
Things are not looking good for young Nelson Chamisa and his stuttering MDC-Alliance.
Whispers emanating from that end of political activity suggest a serious fight over the running of the party and misuse of funds is about to erupt.
Those close to Chamisa say he has dipped his fingers into the party coffers, which have duly run dry.
Now, whispers the little bird, in trying to take the party back to sound financial footing, the boy has dribbled past his allies and has opened new avenues which have and are responding in kind.
Never mind the spirited denials.
It is happening.
The boy has collected from his ‘new’ financiers hundreds of thousands of dollars which he has been splashing like confetti and those dollars are running out too.
This is where it gets interesting.
He wants more.
The financiers also want more.
But the sticking issue is how to make public the unison.
The financiers want it done as soon as possible.
And the boy is reluctant.
He just does not want to rock the boat yet.
Yet the boat has already started to sink.
Everyone is now angry with the boy.
The financiers too are livid.
Which way Chamisa?
You bit more than you can chew young man.
That is how your financiers play this game.
We will talk more about this in the near future.
Zimbabwe beyond elections
I have looked at my crystal and it has given me interesting revelations.
I will share them with you here dear reader.
On August 1 2018, Zimbabwe will have a new leader.
He will come from ZANU PF.
His name is Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa.
He will deliver this country from the mess it has been put in by ‘bombists’.
Under his leadership, Zimbabwe will be a nation of prosperity, progress and thriving democracy.
It will be another Switzerland, another Dubai maybe.
The crystal ball says it may be something never seen before.
There will be tolerance to divergent views.
There will be progress all over.
There will be many new things that will come to this country.
Still the crystal ball shows me something very disturbing.
Not everyone will be happy with our progress as a nation but they will be subdued by the many good things that are coming to this great nation.
I leave it there.
Let those with ears listen.


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