Africa should work on self-sufficiency


EDITOR —  TURMOIL gripping the other parts of the world has exposed Africa to afflictions from all angles. 

Instead of working on self-sufficiency, the script of operations has left us in the same place. It is the clock that is ticking. Poverty is sinking Africa, bringing about the ironic tale of ‘rich but poor’. 

Why should conflicts in Europe mean hunger in Africa? Don’t we have the land to grow our own food? Does the rest of the world starve when Africa is burning? 

What equalisation comes from globalisation? Why is Africa trapped in debts when the value of our minerals, looted daily by the same creditors, is way above what we owe them? 

How are we trading here? The hesitancy to boldly get into the extra mile as competitive, productive and united people has sadly left Africa exploited of its natural resources to remain the weakest and poorest. 

We are baited like fish and made to believe what works against us. We are equally fooled to think what is imperially designed to keep us in captivity forever is designed for our civilisation. Tragically, we become beggars who live off the the crumbs from our erstwhile colonisers’ table. Colonisation is the displacement of the people from their ancestral lands by force or otherwise a total dispossession. 

Many people, today, think colonisation should be a forgotten chapter in African history for a reason; in history lies the bitter truth. Africa, we are strong together in the same fashion the predators are united to keep us divided so they continue to loot our minerals. 

— Richard Mahuhushe Chauke.


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