All the best to exam classes


WE are living trying times where we have been called to dig deep.

The COVID-19 pandemic has literally turned the world upside down and demanded that we adjust our ways of doing things.

The normal we have always known has disappeared.

These are unprecedented times that have demanded major shifts in ways not just of doing business but virtually the way we do everything.

Nevertheless, life must go on.

Adversity comes in all shapes and sizes.

And currently we are faced with an adversity that can grind us if we let it.

I have in mind our final year students who have returned to school to finish their studies.

Of the many things that we treasure in this beautiful and rich-resource country of ours, our children rank top.

And you are uppermost in our moments, especially those that are writing examinations.

We appreciate that you are doing so under trying circumstances.

Truth is that we have a couple of options when faced with adversity. 

We can allow it to get us down and control us. 

Or we can take steps to control how we respond to what comes our way.

Adversity, whether from physical or life events, can lead to unwarranted fear and dread.

But I urge that we focus on impacting the things we  control.

We must not allow these trying circumstances to define who we are.

Surely, these are no easy days but we have a choice.

Does it take courage? Absolutely! Does it take perseverance? Of course? Will it be tough? More than likely.

But we must persevere.

Let us embrace the new way of doing things.

I know conducting studies online has not been easy.

There have been numerous challenges associated with conducting business online.

But that should not be  an excuse for not doing the best we can.

Our country with all its vast resources and great potential, will not amount to much if we do not secure our future, which is largely you our children.

You must continue on the path that you set.

Completion of your studies is critical to the success of our nation.

One would not be wrong to say that, a great part, the struggle for Zimbabwe was waged by youths, a fair number which came from learning institutions.

We do not doubt that you will do well in your examinations.

We do not doubt your mental capabilities.

Keep on keeping on.


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