An open letter


To the Chief Executive Officer of the Zimbabwe Heritage Trust

from friends of the Zimbabwe Heritage Trust in Gweru

I AM just a scribe assigned to pen this letter to the CEO of the Zimbabwe Heritage Trust (ZHT), quite an honour.

I was recently in Gweru where I had the pleasure of spending some time with friends of the ZHT.

When I got to Gweru two weeks ago, the friends were overflowing with accolades for the ZHT. 

They had just watched Battle of Mavhonde and ZANLA Comes to Town on ZTV both ZHT productions.

They had also watched another documentary on ZTV titled ‘Supreme Sacrifice’.  Soon after, the friends and I got engrossed in the history, cause and purpose of ‘Peace Studies’ when one of the friends had his child admitted into the Peace Studies programme at MSU, we unearthed  George Soros, the CIA and their machinations in different parts of the world. By the end of the first week, the ZHT’s epic publication, The Struggle for Land in Zimbabwe (1890-2010) by Retired Brigadier General Dr Felix Ngwarati Muchemwa had taken centre stage, and, at the beginning of the second week the friends asked me to pen the following letter to the ZHT Chief Executive Officer:

We want you to know Sir, that this work you are doing is of crucial importance to our nation, no matter what it costs, please continue this work. 

If our youths had been exposed to this kind of ideology, the MDC would never have taken off. We have to forgive our youngsters for getting lost and joining the MDC. 

It is because they do not know. Had they known what the ZHT is revealing in this moment, they would never follow Tsvangirai or Chamisa or any version of the MDC.

While we understand the President, we want to underline that his efforts to stem the tide of the MDC will not succeed until there is mental decolonisation. 

This is one thing the whiteman understood, that as long as the mind of the African was ideologically correct colonialism would not last, and so he invested so much in mental colonisation, through the education system, culturally and through religion. 

Therefore unless we surpass their investment in mental colonisation by heavily investing in work such as that of the ZHT we will not succeed in destroying the MDC. Nothing short of massive investment in decolonisation will win this war.

‘In the late 1970’s I was just over 10 years old. The ideological education I got from the freedom fighters in these years of the struggle is what laid the foundation for my ideological outlook, it is what has kept me on track to this day, 44 or so years later. Because of this education, I could never get lost.

Our born-frees were never this fortunate which is why the work of the ZHT is so critical, they too need to be educated correctly. The

MDC will have no-one to recruit if our young are educated correctly.

We are aware that similar ideological work was done by the Ministry of Education and Culture in the early years following independence but this great work was sabotaged, thus the ZHT is what we need most now to continue this work to rescue our young, to rescue this nation.

What we humbly and most respectfully propose to your Sir is that the Zimbabwe Heritage Trust establish a Heritage Institute to disseminate the great revolutionary work you are engaged in. This institute would  then develop courses for our institutions of higher learning, basic compulsory courses that are taken by all university students.

How can anyone embark on university education without knowing the truth about their land which Comrade Muchemwa spells out so accurately in his book, ‘The Struggle for Land in Zimbabwe’. What would be they be doing at university anyway without this knowledge?

 We want many books from Mukoma Muchemwa’s book, to guide our youngsters as they go through life, understanding what the life of a Zimbabwean is all about.

‘My son was so overcome when he watched ‘Battle of Mavhonde’ it was not easy for him to go through it, but for that I know he will stay on the right track.’

‘I have a relative who is the staunchest MDC supporter, after watching the ZHT documentaries during the Heroes and Defence Forces holidays he was moved to confess If that is what they went through, Regai vatonge.’ 

My nephew begged his mother not to disturb him once Battle of Mavhonde begun showing on ZTV on Saturday the 26th of September. He was riveted to the screen throughout and when the documentary ended, he turned to me and asked: Uncle, is there a Part Two.’

Dear Sir, this is the great marvellous effect of your work on people. Can you imagine where we would be if this work had begun in 1980.

The Revelations by your organisation on ‘Peace Studies,’ George Soros, the CIA and clansmen has trounced us. So much comes together now, the MDC, the NGO’s, and the so called Civil Society among them the notorious ‘Human Rights Lawyers’. Everything is so clear now, it is what everybody needs to know then they will never be confused. It is not hard to imagine what was going on behind the scenes with respect to the economic meltdown which was recently arrested by the foreign currency auction system.

‘Thanks to your revelations Sir, I had my child change her programme from Peace to another not so hostile to us as a nation. 

You rescued not just my daughter but myself and my family for I would have been so hurt to have surrendered my daughter to the vultures, to have paid thousands of dollars to have my daughter turned into a sell- out, an agent of imperialism. 

My father would turn in his grave. But you can see Sir, how important your work is, what a special and critical contribution it is to the mental liberation of our people.

After my daughter’s first week of lectures on Peace Studies I asked her for a summary of what she had learned. 

It was shocking that they already had been primed to view the state of Zimbabwe as an impossible assignment for peace studies graduates because it has a leader who has a ‘final say’.

My first question to my daughter was ‘Why would we as Zimbabweans insist on a compulsory subject ‘Peace Studies’ in a country that is more peaceful than most, Zimbabwe. 

Is it not to prepare agents to work against the state in the event of violent conflicts driven, engendered and engineered by the MDC, the West and its allies.’

My second question was ‘if our constitution bestows such powers on our President, who is to say nay? Fortunately my daughter could see that it was a case of controlling our people and she was quite disturbed. We also discussed much on what it cost for us to restore our sovereignty, my daughter was eager to change her study programme.

My third question is to the powers that be: Since the Zimbabwe Heritage Trust revealed the evil imperialist machinations of the West as the hand and fuel behind Peace Studies, why has the government of Zimbabwe left such an inimical study programme to continue in state institutions?

We welcome Minister Murwira’s insistence that universities must justify their study programmes we hope this exercise will reveal the imperialist hand behind Peace Studies and he will thus weed out Peace Studies.

That institute sir, Heritage Institute, please start it, even if people might turn a deaf ear now, sometime even after we are all gone someone might just pick on these great ideas and liberate the nation from mental slavery, it is worth it.

Who would have told me about Chimurenga 1 Heroes other than Mbuya Nehanda and Sekuru Kaguvi? It was only after I read Comrade Muchemwa’s book that I learned of the other Chimurenga 1 heroes, Mashonganyika, Makoni, Bibiyana, the Dumbuseya people and many others.

In the history books they taught us that Rhodes’ Indabas with the Ndebele warriors somehow just happened. They never told us why Cecil John Rhodes was compelled to meet the Ndebele Chiefs.

 It is only after reading Comrade Muchemwa’s book that I now know that it was because the whites had been defeated so Rhodes called the Indabas. Ah what glory has been lost on us all these years!?

That picture of Fr. Biehler (in Comrade Muchemwa’s book) the spokesmen of the Catholics on genocide against the Shona during the first Chimurenga, should have been made bigger, splashed across the page to display so loudly the agent of such vileness against our people.

To be so criminal and still to come in the name of God, is unconscionable. We thank you for bringing to the fore, the Catholic marriage to genocide. Catholics should not be allowed to continue to dupe people.

 It is not only in Zimbabwe but in Rwanda and other parts of the world that Catholics have been in the forefront of genocidal massacres. When you examine the role of Catholics and that of imperialists in genocides, you wonder who is the principal and who is the agent between the two.

We shall continue our research on the role of Catholics in genocides in other parts of the world and we will share our findings with you.

We want to thank you for magnificent liberatory work… decolonisation of the Zimbabwean mind has never been more critical. We look forward to more special productions and publications from the Zimbabwe Heritage Trust to keep the nation ideologically afloat. 

On our part we will keep the torch burning!



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