Another great year in the offing


By Tawanda Chenana

AS we begin another new year, we are pumped up; we, in the village, are raring to go.

The notable achievements of the Second Republic continue to breathe life and positive energy in us.

We have made significant strides in the Second Republic.

However, our achievements and successes should be seen as a challenge.

We have excelled, we are excelling and must continue to excel.

The years ahead are crucial and how they turn out depends on what happens today.

Many are surprised that we are in an election year simply because peace is reigning supreme.

There are many reasons the country has taken that path to maintain peace and tranquility, we are a peaceful people, our work, our development efforts are hinged on peace.

However, our enemies continue to hover over us and remain relentless hence the incessant pressure to bring about regime change in the country.

And we must complement Government efforts of empowering the black majority by making the most of the opportunities available to us.

The Second Republic is succeeding, much to the annoyance of the West.

We are winning the battle over minerals, over land and the economy in general but resistance persists, which is why the sanctions remain in place.

But as l have always said sanctions will not derail us for we know who we are, where we are going and what we want.

Zimbabweans are an intelligent people. We are in an election year, and we will not be hoodwinked with empty talk; delivery on promises is what matters.

Gone is the lie that our economy can only be saved by handouts from the West.

In the past, the excitable opposition promised people heaven on earth, that loads of cash would be supplied to rebuild the country, which never happened. During the era of the inclusive Government, not a dime of the promised billions from the US and its allies found its way to our beloved nation.

The message that must be spread loudly and clearly is that Zimbabwe is for Zimbabweans and its affairs will be decided by Zimbabweans.

The best way forward for all Zimbabweans, including civil society and so-called ‘human rights’ activists is to unequivocally call for the removal of sanctions as well as noninterference in our affairs.

We go to elections knowing fully well who has and has not delivered.

Attempts to discredit the country’s leadership while the nation is moving ahead and thriving will simply not work.

Our young people are presently the target of everyone, including forces that do not want to see Zimbabwe prosper. It is our duty to educate them so that they know better.

If we do not teach our children someone will and we are to blame if they end up failing to appreciate who they are.

Everywhere in the world, young people need guidance, direction and support from the older generations who have gained the wisdom of age.

We must explain our values and ideologies to them so that they may be nurtured into real patriots who believe in their own country. We have so many positive stories and distortions to correct.

Our tradition and heritage must not be compromised. 

Times may be difficult but that is no excuse for our children to sell themselves short, sellout and self-hate.

We are proud, powerful and intelligent people who will not fail their children.

Our children must be taught that they are not inferior as the West wants to espouse.

Zimbabweans are equals with any in the world.

We are not inferior, nor do we feel inferior to anyone.

As a nation we have made progress in numerous sectors that include agriculture, tourism, transport, mining, ICTs and infrastructural development.

If we remain united and focused and trust in our leadership, we are guaranteed sustainable growth and an all-inclusive economy.

No-one and no place will be left behind and we will not tire of reminding people that foreigners and quislings will not save us; we do not need any saving, just removal of impediments in our path. 

Outsiders must not determine our trajectory, they must not determine our destiny because our future is in our hands.

We have our own method when it comes to running our economy and the Second Republic, led by President Emmerson Mnangagwa, is on the right path.

Indeed, it is the duty of every Zimbabwean to appreciate and value what the country has and if we desire a good life, then we must fight for it, work for it, and it will not be handed to us by the West.

We cannot look up to them, we must look to ourselves. This is one message that our leadership is continually delivering and one that our people must understand.

The difficult battles have already been fought for us and what is demanded of us is consolidation of our achievements.

The year 2023 will be another great year.

Nyika inovakwa nevene vayo/Ilizwe liyakhiwa ngabanikazi! 


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