By Nthungo YaAfrika

THE above headline is a response to what was said in The Voice Newspaper, of the UK, January 2023 edition. 

The Church of England apologised for its historical links to the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. 

As usual, this was not newsworthy in the motherland, simply because Britain is a ‘paradise’ for the majority of the black race, the place to be. 

Blacks still believe the lie that Jesus Christ was white, putting the white race nearer to the Creator than all races on earth, so, they deserve utmost respect even when we conquered them in wars leading to the motherland achieving her independence. 

Blacks still believe the lie that Jesus Christ was white, putting the white race nearer to the Creator than all races on earth.

Our ancestors, whom we despise, did not marvel at the white race but regarded them as uncivilised savages.

The Church of England Commissioners pledged 100 million pounds sterling to make up for its links to the slavery of black peoples. 

The question begging here is: Why is the Church the only institution apologising and not the British government as they were all beneficiaries of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade? 

The Church’s work was to further corrupt the Bible’s already corrupted scriptures to strengthen the British government spiritually and physically as it carried out its looting and genocide of black people across the motherland. 

This they did by quoting Joshua 9: Verse 27 which says: ‘’And Joshua made them that day hewers of wood and drawers of water for the congregation and the altar of Jehovah to this day in the place which he should choose.’’ 

What does, ‘to this day’, mean?

It means present forever, that is why the motherland, although physically free, is still spiritually enslaved and colonised.

Trans-Atlantic slavery started in the 15th Century when the Roman Catholic Church Pope labelled our race as non-beings fit to be enslaved.

It lasted up to the end of the 19th Century, almost 300 hundred years.

Three hundred years of pillaging our motherland’s human and natural resources and where does 100 hundred million pounds compensation fit here — rolled out in nine years and they say it will champion investment research and engagement! 

What a joke!

Who will be heading this investment, research and engagement? 

None other than the Brits themselves — a chunk of that money will go back to the Brits. Same old story of ‘aid’ going back to where it came from via the back where it came from via the back door. 

It is the mother and father of all insults — But do the victims care?

The Church Commissioners headed by King Charles said they were dismayed by their connection to chattel slavery and its dark past and want a new beginning. 

A new beginning has to start with King Charles giving back the largest diamond on earth, on his sceptre, to the people of South Africa where it was stolen. 

The utterances of the Archbishop of Canterbury raised many eyebrows because he quoted a timid chapter and verses of their Bible instead of quoting the real chapter and verses that can heal the wounds of the descendants of the victims of the genocidal crimes inflicted on them and their ancestors by the Church of England and their government.

These are his utterances, quoted from 1 John 1: Verses 6-7: ‘’ If we have fellowship with Him and yet we go on walking in the darkness we are lying and not practicing the truth. However, if we are walking in the light, we do have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus cleanses us from all sin.’’ 

Why did he not proceed to quote Verses 8, 9, 10 which say: “If we make the statement we have no sin, we are misleading ourselves and the truth is not in us. If we confess our sins, he is faithful and righteous so as to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. If we make the statement, we have not sinned we are making him a liar and his word is not in us.’’ 

Chapter 1 John 1: Verse 6-7 is palatable to the British government and the public as opposed to Verses 8, 9 and 10. 

The reason being that the Gibeonites of Joshua 9: Verses 1-27 were labelled blacks to justify the white savages enslaving and colonising us, using Verse 27.  

Joshua 9: Verse 27 is what the Brits think of us as a race today until Kingdom come, that’s why the ‘Most Reverend’ Justin Welby quoted 1 John 1: Verses 6-7 and not Verses 8, 9 and 10 which could have caused an uproar with the British public.

Welby, the Anglican Church, the British governments past, present and future, don’t give a hoot about our race and can only quote the Bible where they know it will make them look concerned about their heinous past to their uniformed general populace. 

This is also done to trick the majority of the descendants of the victims who are also uninformed of how their ancestors suffered at the hands of the ancestors of those who are now apologising for their crimes. 

To be acceptable as an apology, the descendants of the criminals quote our ancestors’ scriptures which they corrupted, internationalised and called the Holy Bible to suit their devious anti-Yahweh ways. 

That is why Welby never quoted Leviticus 6: Verses 1-7 which says: ‘’Jehovah went on to say to Moses, if someone sin and behaves untruthfully towards Jehovah and deceiving his neighbour in connection with something entrusted to him or something deposited with him, or he robs or defrauds his neighbour, or he finds something lost and is deceptive about it, and if he swears falsely over such sin he may commit, this is what he should do: If he has sinned and is guilty, he must return what he stole, what he extorted, ,what he took by fraud, what was entrusted to him or the lost thing that he found.

‘Or anything about which he swore falsely, he must make full compensation for it, and he will add to it a fifth of its value. He will give it to the owner on the day his guilt is proved. And will give it to the priest as his guilt offering to Jehovah a sound ram from the flock according to the assessed value for a guilt offering. The priest will make an atonement for him before Jehovah and he will be forgiven for anything he may have done resulting in his guilt.’’ 

What is the assessed value of 300 hundred years of pillaging human and natural resources plus one fifth? 

This is the money the Brits and their partners in their genocidal crimes against the descendants of the victims must dangle before those uprooted from the motherland and those who remained.  

This is from the horse’s mouth from their so-called Holy Bible. 

This shows that they give lip service to their Holy Bible and are not afraid of the Creator as they believe in their God who does not pay homage to the Creator. 

This makes them unafraid of the ICC and ICJ as these are their creation which identify with their God, created mainly for those who do not believe in their toxic politics called ‘democracy’, modern pagan religion called Christianity and capitalism, a system that allows the rich to steal from the poor. 

Whereas if the poor steal from the rich, they are heavily sanctioned as a way to keep them in their reserved spaces of poverty.

In all this, people might ask: Where are the AU and PAP? 

These two have no muscle over the white savages and we should pity them for our continent has never spoken with one voice for the past 66 years since Ghana got independent. 

And not all countries on the motherland celebrate May 25 as Africa Day, yet these are members of the AU and PAP. 

Thus taking the Anglican Church and the British government to the ICC and ICJ is a lost cause, because we will never speak with one voice. 

This reminds me of criminals like Tony Blair, George Bush and Barak Obama, among many others, about crimes against humanity they committed and Africa never said they should be brought then and now before these two courts. 

In my article in The Patriot of May 19-25-2023, I wrote an article titled, ‘The Creator… white Christian God vis-a-vis Yahweh, Musiki, uThixo, Chauta, Mungu’. 

I said there is a difference between the Christian God and the Creator and who are now my major witnesses — none other than Archbishop The Most Reverend Reverend Justin Welby and King Charles! 

Yes Trans-Atlantic slavery was inhumanly cruel as people were uprooted from their traditional places, transported far away from their roots to start a new horrible life elsewhere and so was colonialism which stripped the indigenous people of all dignity and made them hate their ancestors by introducing an alien way of worshipping the Creator. 

And 139 years to date, we are nowhere near the way our ancestors worshipped the Creator, to their advantage. 

Slavery and colonialism are flip sides of the same coin and Trans-Atlantic slavery was a precursor to colonialism. 

Why apologise for one and leave the other? 

There will never be harmony between the people of colour and the so-called white race (read The Book Of Enoch for enlightenment), sadly because our race regard The Book of Enoch a conspiracy theory disregarding that Enoch is number seven from Adam, the Archbishop of Canterbury Most Reverend Justin Welby can get away with being offside and the victims do not care.

I rest my pen.


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