By Nthungo YaAfrika

BLACKS taught the world, especially the white-skinned, everything.

According to Cheikh Anta Diop, the Senegalese historian, anthropologist, physicist and politician, who studied the human race’s origins and pre-colonial African culture, “It will not be astonishing if some of us are still unable to believe that blacks really played the earliest civilising role in the world.”

Antiquity history is black and so-called modern civilisation is black-inspired.

Books by this prominent scholar are an eye-opener for the whole human race. 

I will be quoting extensively from, The Cultural Unity Of Black Africa and The African Origin Of Civilisation Myth or Reality.

By 4245 BC, the Egyptians had invented calendars with a passage of thousand years. 

Wrote Anta Diop: “Ancient Egyptians were Negroes (Black Africans). 

The moral fruit of their civilisation is to be counted among the assets of the Black World. 

Instead of presenting itself to history as an insolvent debtor, the Black World is the very initiator of the Western civilisation flaunted before our eyes today.

It is simply a matter of providing a few of landmarks to persuade the incredulous Black African reader to bring himself to verify this. 

To his great surprise and satisfaction, he will discover that most of the ideas used today to domesticate, atrophy, dissolve, or steal his soul were conceived by his own ancestors. 

To become conscious of that fact is perhaps the first step toward a genuine retrieval of himself; without it, intellectual sterility is the general rule. 

In a word, we must restore the historical consciousness of the African.”

Our current despicable situation began when Pharoah Psammetichus committed the defence of Egypt to foreign troops, especially the Greeks. 

This made Egypt a melting pot of nomadic crude uncivilised light-skinned elements, who included mingled Jews, Persians, Carians and Ionians. 

This became a self-initiated death sentence for our ancestors. 

The foreigners had no allegiance to Egypt, but their home countries. 

The first foreigners to rebel against Egypt were the Persians, paving way for their country to conquer Egypt in 525 BC. 

The Persians were then conquered by Alexander the Greek in 333 BC, the Greeks by Julius Caesar in 50 BC, Arabs 7th Century, Turks 16th Century, then French with Napoleon, British 19th Century and then came the subsequent partition of the Motherland in Berlin in 1884. 

From one country, Africa has become 54 countries with no allegiance to the spirit of the Motherland, but to the spirit of it’s former conquerors. 

Why do I say so? 

The next paragraph, is about the history of religions currently dominating the Motherland, and many don’t know that they originated from Maat, our ancestors’ religion, repackaged to colonise the modern African and turn him/her into a bootlicker.

Christianity was born and developed in Africa, and from it’s inception, it was a religion of the oppressed. 

The religion’s best known icon was a black woman nursing her child. 

At first, Rome persecuted it’s followers, but later changed tactics and became it’s benefactor in-order to completely uproot the African from his roots. 

Rome also saw it as a vehicle to completely rule the world, as Egypt did with her religion Maat during her prime. 

The idea of a virgin mother and child had appeared in ancient civilisations, among them, Babylonia and Egypt. 

Isis was the name of the North African goddess who gave virgin birth to the child Horus. 

As a black virgin, Isis was worshipped in hundreds of temples in Africa, Spain, Italy and France. 

The spread of Christianity throughout Europe and the evolution of European nationalism resulted in the gradual replacement of the Black Madonnas by white Madonna and child. 

Many European churches have retained their Black Madonnas like the Great Cathedral of Notre Dame which is built on the site of an earlier shrine of the Black Madonna.

It was only in 481 AD at the council of Ephesus that the Virgin Mary and child became the symbols of Christian religion. 

Italy has one shrine in Lorreto. 

Others are at Orapa, Genoa, Pisa and Padua. 

Switzerland has one at Einsiedein. 

The universal symbol of womanhood and purity was originally considered by many early Christians to be a black woman. 

African women played a major role in the early formative development of Christianity. 

White Christianity and Arab Islam made womenfolk to be second-class citizens after men. 

Before the advent of these two religions, women folk were equal to men. 

Before Islam was fully entrenched in Africa, there was a partnership between the Africans and Arabs that would last 300 years. 

This alliance resulted in the conquest of Spain by Moslems in 711 AD. 

Most history books record this event as a joint African-Arab venture. 

Militarily, it was a great achievement of black Africans under the leadership of an African General, Gebel Trik.

While the power and influence of Africans was rising in Spain, great states began to emerge in other parts of Africa, principally West Africa. 

The best known of these states are Ghana and Mali. 

In these states, women not only played major roles, but sometimes rose to be heads of state. The great Arab traveller, Iben Batuta, a Moslem, was appalled at the freedom that women enjoyed in West Africa when he visited Mali in 1852.

Nthungo YaAfrika, aka J.L. Mtembo, is a Hamite who strongly believes in the motherland renaissance.


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