Bleeding for Africa


EDITOR – ALLOW me to start by saying that an African is his/her own worst enemy. 

It is surprising how we continued to allow ourselves to be colonised both physically and mentally. 

Religion is certainly the latest tool being used in the absence of the whiteman to control our fellow Africans. 

When is the African ever going to become a thinker capable of challenging the status quo?

We aspire to be like white people. 

Shame on us! 

Look at the way we continue to think being light-skinned is better and what of the many debts we must incur pretending that we have what we do not have. 

It is not surprising that wherever we go we will be treated like scum always. 

This form of discrimination is happening within our own country, never mind neighbouring South Africa. 

We must deal with ‘tribophobia’ before we even start to understand Afrophobia, let alone xenophobia. 

My heart truly bleeds for Africa. 

Clementina Rooke


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