CALA a burden


EDITOR – I AM a school girl in Grade 6 and I don’t feel normal anymore because of CALA projects. This term alone I don’t have time for anything else, I cannot do my homework properly because I am anxious about the CALA projects. This term alone I have had to do 30 CALA projects.

 I did not feel good about my end of year exams because I did not prepare for them, I had no time because of CALA projects. 

When I get home after school I do not have a spare moment, it’s CALAs and CALAs and my homework. Next year is my Grade 7 and I do not feel confident that I will do well because of the CALA projects. We will have more and more CALA projects.

I used to love going to school but I don’t anymore. 

The only reason I look forward to going to school is to see my friends.

 It is like our teachers are telling us we are so dumb we cannot make it without extra lessons. They told us in December we still have two weeks of classes taken from our holiday. 

I was looking forward to being with my family but it will not be possible like this. 

Christmas Holiday is always the best but it is not going to be so this year.

What about those in the rural areas, where are they going to research? Some of the CALAs depend on the internet, where will they get it?

We hope something can be done about this, we feel so hurt and despondent.

Chiedza Umwinsdale,



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