Caution on the roads please!


AS we take a break during this holiday let us not throw caution to the wind.

I implore drivers to exercise caution on the roads and prevent the carnage that has characterised past holidays.

Our human resource is critical to the development agenda and we do not want unnecessary loss of life.

Lives and skills lost will never be recovered. 

Most of the accidents that happen can be prevented by being disciplined and following road rules.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police must be out in full force and not be deterred by errant drivers and individuals bent on disregarding the law.

The transport operator will see ‘shura’ in the thousands rushing to get to various places to celebrate whatever it is that they celebrate but please ensure that your vehicles are in good working condition.

And please rest your workers. 

Do not overwork them as doing so has disastrous consequences. Fatigue is one of the major reason for accidents on our roads.

I hope we come back from the holidays refreshed and ready to continue working for the motherland.

Jefrey Damba, Gweru


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