Chitepo still lives


EDITOR — THE West presents its story as if it is the template for all humanity but it is not. As much as we know about the likes of Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln and their generals, these people are not our heroes. We have our own heroes and we will never forget them. Cde Herbert Wiltshire Pfumaindini Chitepo is one of the illustrious sons of the soil we will never forget. Even though the colonialists cut short his life, he had already shown us what it means to work for one’s country. He was a cadre serving his people to the fullest of his abilities and that is why we will never forget him and his service. It is time we teach our children and let them know the story of their people, their heroes and heroines. We don’t have to look West for heroes, we have our own. No amount of propaganda will make us forget, they love to say where we are going matters more than where we have come from. That is a lie. Where we are going is very much determined by where we are coming from. Long live the ideals espoused by Cde Chitepo; the ideals of service and sacrifice for one’s country! In the best of us Cde Chitepo lives and the worst of us can be redeemed.

 — Maurice Muzikani, Macheke.  


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