Decolonising the mind: Part 20 …persecuted for what is good and just


By Abraham Mabvurira 

A GLIMPSE into the vision, aims and mission of the constitution of ZANU PF vis-a-vis the Western agenda and mission will easily make one to understand why the imperialists are incessantly seeking to remove ZANU PF from power. 

To make it more precise, what is between Zimbabwe and the West is a battle between good and evil. 

Whereas ZANU PF and Zimbabwe represents good, the capitalistic West represents evil, and in light of this, ZANU PF is being hated by the West simply because it is resolutely defending Zimbabweans from what is evil and wicked. 

What we are going through is a battle against subjugation and oppression of sovereign independent nations. The West believes in imperialism, subjugation and oppression of other nations, thereby exposing the evil side of the West. 

The fact that ZANU PF is determined to defend Zimbabweans from oppression makes it a target of Western attack. 

The Constitution of ZANU PF lucidly articulates the vision of the Party, “…forever to remain the mass revolutionary socialist Party in the emancipation process of the people of Zimbabwe from all forms of oppression.” As a revolutionary Party that believes in peaceful coexistence with other nations, ZANU PF or Zimbabwe has no ambitions to conquer or oppress any independent nation but it is always ready, however, to defend its people from the oppressive capitalistic West. 

Then one would ask why the West would want to oppress Zimbabweans or Africans. 

Well, the obvious answer is Zimbabwe and Africa are blessed with abundant natural resources of which the capitalistic West cannot survive without. 

Therefore, since the greedy Western countries are always seeking to take possession and control of our natural resources, they find ZANU PF an immovable stumbling block to their interests. 

The Constitution of ZANU PF explicitly states that the mission of the Party is to, “…maintain total ownership, control and equitable distribution of the means of production, natural resources, and the defence of the national sovereignty, policies of indigenisation, empowerment and wealth creation so as to sustain the independence of Zimbabwe; and to remain forever masters of our own destiny.” 

Such a resolute stance by our founding fathers does not go down well with the Western vultures whose eyes are forever fixed on our precious mineral resources, hence their continuous attempts to effect illegal regime change so as to facilitate and guarantee their unrestrained access to, and control of our God-given natural resources. 

Nevertheless, theirs will remain a pipe dream because Article 2 of the Constitution of ZANU PF clearly sets out that the aims and objectives of the Party, among many others, is to preserve and defend the national sovereignty and independence of Zimbabwe. 

Going further, the objectives of the Party from its foundation is, “…to create conditions for the establishment of a democratic, political and social order which shall guarantee in perpetuity that the Government of the State shall be answerable to the people through periodic free and fair elections based on universal adult suffrage.” 

However, the imperialistic West, led by Uncle Sam, has never accepted any definition of democracy from Africans or black people since their racist eye constantly views us as inferior to Europeans, hence the need for them to define democracy for us. 

As Africans, we have our own form of democracy that does not require the US’ approval and validation. And unlike the racist capitalists who believes in the existence of superior and inferior beings, the revolutionary ZANU PF views everyone as equal. 

This is evidenced by the party’s commitment to uphold and apply fully the rule of equality before the law, and equality of opportunities for all the people in Zimbabwe, regardless of race, tribe, sex, religion or origin. 

Going further, the conflict between socialism and capitalism is that the capitalistic West seeks to impose its ungodly laws, depraved moral values, culture and traditions on other nations, while countries, like Zimbabwe, believe in diversity and do not seek to impose its laws, culture and traditions on any other sovereign nation. 

As such, the Constitution of ZANU PF clearly rejects the Western desire to impose their culture and laws on Zimbabwe since one of its aims, as set out in the Party Constitution, is to establish and sustain a society firmly based on our historical, cultural and social experience and to create conditions for economic independence, prosperity and equitable distribution of the wealth of the nation in a system of economic organisation and management in which elements of free enterprise and market economy, planned economy and public ownership are combined. 

Once again, the Constitution of ZANU PF also opposes and contradicts the Western beliefs and agenda of imperialism, colonialism and racism. 

That is why continuous efforts are being made by regime change cabals to remove ZANU PF from power. According to the imperialistic West, the only crime of ZANU PF is to support what is good and oppose that which is wicked since the revolutionary Party committed itself, through its Constitution, to continue participating in the worldwide struggle for the complete eradication of imperialism, colonialism and all forms o f racism. Accordingly, the Party pledged to support liberation movements in their just struggle for self-determination and social justice. 

Furthermore, the greatest fear of the West is the unity of African nations and that is why they continue to sponsor and foment divisions among Africans. 

Therefore, the fact that ZANU PF is rife with pan-Africanists, and since the revolutionary Party’s Constitution aims to support and promote all efforts for the attainment of the pan-Africa goals for the complete independence and unity of African States, the US and its Western allies will never rest as long as ZANU PF is in power. 

Therefore, it is the duty of the youth to continue upholding the vision of our Party founders and remain vigilant and committed to safeguarding our legacy. 

Against our culture and traditions, the capitalistic West has been pressuring many African leaders into accepting obnoxious practices, such as homosexuality, in the name of ‘human rights’. 

However, the Constitution of ZANU PF clearly states that one of its aims is to oppose resolutely homosexuality and same sex marriages. 

Fellow Zimbabweans and Africans, our fight for what is good, right, just and acceptable has incurred the wrath of the West but nevertheless, as long as we are fighting for a right cause, ZANU PF shall remain firm and strong in defending the sovereignty and independence of Zimbabwe.


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