Domestic tourism a must


EDITOR — AS a proud resident of Epworth, I would like to urge the people of this country to visit Epworth and tour some of the places which are fascinating. 

The place is known for the Balancing Rocks which are a popular feature on our local currency and the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe. 

The place is a recreational park offering scenic balancing rocks and braaing facilities. 

Visitors are allowed to bring all sorts of beverages and their braai stands or make use of the available braaing stands for free. One of  the fascinating features of the balancing rocks is known as  the ‘Flying Boat’ which is a marvel to see. There is also a resident mbira group which entertains visitors. 

Another feature is Domboramwari, popular with worshippers and those who like to have the panoramic view of Epworth. Domboramwari is famous for ‘tsoka yaJesu’, a footprint embedded in the rock and is said to fit all foot sizes. The dwala accommodates hundreds of religious sects who use it as their place of worship. There is also the popular Kwari Dam which offers entertainment by local divers who can swim more than 200m to and from both ends. The dam also benefits local citizens by supplying irrigation water, fishing and laundry. 

Epworth is a good place to visit though people know it as a place which is backward and harbours thieves, robbers and ladies of the night which are now things of the past. 

Some prominent artistes and businessmen are now residents of Epworth. I urge my fellow Epworth residents to be proud of their place, advertise it and visit the places that I have mentioned above. 

Rise up and shine Epworth!

Mhofu waChitemerere


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