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Education: What is it?

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By Nthungo YaAfrika

I WILL begin by quoting Napoleon Hill who says: “An educated man is the one who has developed the faculties of his/her mind so that he/she may acquire anything he/she wants or it’s equivalent without violating the rights of others.’’ 

One of the dictionaries describes education as ‘‘…a process of teaching, training and learning, especially in schools or colleges, to improve knowledge and develop skills’’.

The modern world, that is currently controlled by our former enslavers and colonisers says education is derived from a Latin word ‘educo’, which means to draw out, to develop from within. 

Frances Adburgham also says: ‘‘…the word ‘education’ is derived from the Latin word ‘educo’ meaning ‘ draw out! So the purpose of education is not to pump you full of facts, or even to impart knowledge, but to draw something of yourself out of you so that you can put those facts in context, join up the dots, discover meaning and see the bigger picture’’.

In The Patriot of September 2-8 2022, I wrote an article titled, ‘Greeks plagiarised!… it’s black, not white civilisation’. 

This article was about showing the intimidated, cowered modern black African, that his/her always despised ancestor is the foundation of the so called ‘modern world’. 

The modern world is wrong to associate education with the Romans instead of Greeks because the Greeks were more enligtened than the Latin-speaking Romans.

The Greeks got educated and civilised, learning directly from the masters, our ancestors, when Rome was wallowing in extreme ignorance.

The above meanings of education show one thing; that the modern world is disconnected from the Creator, for the foundation of education is based on love and knowledge that will connect one to Yahweh and the positive spiritual world for guidance of how to relate with fellow human beings and nature.

Napoleon Hill’s definition is almost spot on, but spiritually falls short for not mentioning the Creator and the positive spiritual world. 

From ‘Stolen Legacy’ by G.M. James and C.H. Vail, our ancestors viewed ‘‘…education as deification of man, and taught that the soul of man if liberated from its body fetters, could enable him/her to become godlike and see the Gods in this life and attain the beatific vision and hold communion with the immortals. This is the experiencing of the liberation of the mind from its finite consciousness when it becomes one and identified with the infinite. This liberation was not only freedom of the soul from bodily impediments, but also from the wheel of reincarnation or rebirth. It involved a process of 

disciplines or purification both for the body and soul. This Mystery System (Educo) had three grades of students 1 — The Mortals i.e. probationary students who were being instructed, but who had not yet experienced the inner vision. 2 — The Intelligences, those who had attained the inner vision, and had received mind or nous. 3 — The Creators or Sons of Light, who had become  identified with or united with the Light (i.e., true spiritual consciousness).’’ 

This is called ‘educo’  — ‘drawing out’. 

The name of these schools where education was imparted were called ‘Houses of Life’. 

The lecturers or priests who conducted these sessions were free from material preoccupation and had all the time to deepen theoretical thought. 

From the above, one can see that Hinduism is a product of our of ancestors, as the Hindus believe in rebirth or reincarnation. 

Hating the Nahasi (black Africans) is akin to cutting one’s nose to spite one’s face. 

This reminds me of Mahatma Ghandi and Hindus who hate dark-skinned fellow Indians, calling them the untouchables. 

Since the creation of mankind, there have only been three educated persons, namely Enoch, Elijah and Yeshua. These were Nahasis (black Africans), for these liberated their minds from finite consciousness to become one that was identified with the eternity, that is translating and not dying. 

Educated persons never die: their knowledge leaves footprints that enable their descendants to follow the road that leads to the infinite, which is what our ancestors did.

But those footprints were physically erased by those who conquered us. 

Yes, they were physically erased but not spiritually obliterated. Our duty, as a race, is to reconnect and follow that spiritual journey, that is, by simply reconnecting with the positive spiritual world.  

For this to happen, our race must first of all disown capitalism, a system that is creating unimaginable poverty in a continent of unparalleled wealth. 

This system is synonymous with the ‘modern world’. 

Incidentally, the modern world started from the Middle Ages to the present; which starts, ironically, from the fall of Roman Empire in the West (5th Century) to the fall of Constantinople in 1453 or narrowly from 1000 to 1453 AD. 

This is the era white people think that they embraced the light but it was no light at all, just the corrupted version.

And because of being standard bred our race has also embraced this ‘light’ to our own deteriment.

This ‘light’ is hinged on their philosophy of the ‘modern world’ systems, which are their corrupted religion, education and politics. 

Yet, these were not orginal white systems, but were from our ancestors and have been so corrupted that even the devil is afraid to have them in his kingdom as they can destabilise it.

The world is sick today because the education system being practiced is connected with mortality not immortality, creating people who are remotely controlled by situations, thereby making them preoccupied with materialism. 

One does not have to be a rocket scientist or a prophet to know which race is benefitting immensely and one that is completely being disadvantaged by this corrupted and unholy system. 

Mahatma Ghandi’s list of seven deadly sins was composed of: ‘‘Wealth without work, pleasure without conscience, knowledge without characters, business without morality, science without humanity, worship without sacrifice and politics without principle.’’

Mahatma Ghandi deliberately forgot to add the eighth that is, ‘racism’ because he was a racist. 

Going through Mahatma Ghandi’s list, the worst that is threatening the world today is, ‘…science without humanity,’ or ‘value free science’ a typical example being the creation of viruses to kill people and thereafter making a cure for enormous profits.

Those unfamiliar with our ancestors’ knowledge may think that oil, uranium, atom and nuclear energy were unknown to them — but they knew about them. 

Being connected to the positive spiritual world, our ancestors knew how these could destroy the planet if they were developed and ended up in wrong hands.

The destructive calculations of making bombs and guns being used by so-called by modern science are a product of our ancestors but were never used because their science was valueful and had humanity. 

With all the knowledge, why were our ancestors routed by the white savages? 

The answer lies in their education system, as I will show. 

Their education system was virtuous, as ‘‘…virtues were not mere abstractions or ethical sentiments, but were positive valours and virility of the soul. Temperance meant complete control of the passional nature. Fortitude meant such courage as would not allow adversity to turn us away from our goal. Prudence meant the deep insight that befits the faculty of Seership (Prophet). Justice meant the unswerving righteous of thought and action. Also the student was required to manifest the following soul attributes: 1 — control of thought, 2 — control of action, 3 —steadfastness of purpose, which is equivalent to fortitude, 4 —identify with the spiritual life or the higher ideals, which was equivalent to temperance, an attribute attained when the individual had gained conquest over the passional nature, 5 —evidence of having a mission in life, 6 — evidence to spiritual orders or the priesthood in the mysteries, the combination of which was equivalent to Prudence or a deep insight and graveness that befitted the faculty of seership (prophethood), 7 —freedom from resentment, when under the experience of persecution and wrong. This was known as courage, 8 — confidence in the power of the master (as a teacher), 9 —confidence in one’s ability to learn; both attributes being known as fidelity, and 10 — readiness or preparedness for initiation. There has always been principle of the Ancient Mysteries of Egypt: When the pupil is ready, then the master will appear. This was equivalent to a condition of efficiency at all times for less than this pointed to a weakness.’’ (‘Stolen Legacy’ by G.M.James) 

All these were acquired by the student who had gone through a very demanding initiation cycle, which today the uninformed modern world would call ‘abuse’.  

Number seven, for me, was the reason our ancestors were routed by the white savages — freedom from resentment!

Freedom from resentment,  under persecution and wrong, then was courage.

But courage without fighting back, because of virtue, is problematic; it became a weakness that led to the destruction of our systems.

We are failing to learn from the past, especially from the Book of Enoch: Chapter 13, where Azazel Satan and his associates petitioned Enoch to go to Yahweh in order for them to be forgiven and reconcile with Yahweh but their petition was refused.

Freedom from resentment does not mean that a race has to open its flanks for continuous abuse as this shows lack of being ‘drawn out’ or educated. 

This then brings me to say, being abused as a race is a voluntary misfortune as we value certificates more than education. 

Because we are failing to be drawn out (educated) to be with Yahweh, these are our second names — disunity, poverty, hunger, disease, ignorance, homelessness, suffering, injustice and racism without complaining. 

For education to be spiritually connected to the infinite and the world to have peace, the first step must be taken by the descendants of the initiators, we the Nahasi, at whatever cost. Black people have the responsibility to restore the lost balance in the world.

A good example is, we had a social net for their poor and disadvantaged which they do not want the world to practise as it disrupts profiteering.

And capitalism’s survival depends on nations that are always at each other’s throats, except theirs, and mass suffering which then turns them into ‘saviours’.

A truly educated motherland does not need the world, white people, but the world would not survive without her.  

We must bury our perceived, supposed differences and, for once, become educated Nahasians, even if it can be for a day, thus stopping the ancestors of the white savages fromdenigrating our ancestors. 

Our ancestors really deserve peace, rest and not to be turning in their graves because of our ignorance.

Uncontrolled corruption on the continent, jealousy and greed  were shunned by our ancestors and are the result of being certificated and not being educated as a race, becoming gladiators in a world controlled by white savages. 

The white world is not comfortable with an educated black race because it will not be able to manipulate it, but a certificated one is vulnerable to manipulation because of lack of self-knowledge. 

I rest my pen. 

Nthungo  YaAfrica, aka J.L. Mthembo is a Hamite who strongly believes in the motherland renaissance. For views and comments, email: lovemoremtutuzeli@gmail.com

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