Enemies on the prowl


ONCE again our country is under serious attack from our usual enemies who have never stopped their puerile goals and objectives of extinguishing our compelling narrative.

They just cannot seem to let go and let us be, because they are opponents of the development of black people.

Our freedom and independence matters little to them.

They do not recognise or fathom the pervasive fact that we are a sovereign state and that we have as much right as them to chart our way forward and determine our destiny.

It seems it has never really occurred to them that black people can take up arms, fight for their land and use the same as a tool of empowerment.

They will never come to terms with the reality that there is a country in southern Africa that has managed to defy the odds and has in the process managed to economically uplift its people. To them the Land Reform and Resettlement and the economic empowerment programmes are anti-people!

They should not be anywhere near the list of priorities for black people.

Instead, black people must be taught and told to supposedly ‘respect’ human rights, democracy and any other wish that comes from the West.

Not surprising is that there are some in our midst who cannot see the connection between human rights and democracy and economic empowerment.

This grouping believes that there is more value in destroying property and causing anarchy than in owning and controlling the means of production.

They believe that attacking the Government and inciting the masses to destabilise the country is more important than tilling the land, running their own companies or being a miner.

That is the bane of the education that we have been imbued with by our colonisers.

We tend to forget the legacy of our struggle for freedom and independence.

Forgetting even the many atrocities that were committed by our enemies yesterday and the many nefarious activities that they are committing today.

Our future can only be dark if we believe, naively too, that salvation will come outsiders, who are hell bent on regaining control of our land and economy.

We will have ourselves to blame if we allow that to happen.

Our children will curse us if we surrender our God given right to own and control our land and resources.

This is why we will never tire from hammering that point home.

Zimbabwe is ours and we are the proud owners of its land and everything in it.

This country is viewed as an enemy by the West because its empowerment initiatives set a bad precedence in their eyes.

These programmes neutralise their control of global economies. It puts blacks on a pedestal that annihilates their influence on the global economic front.

As such Government must be removed through whatever means but violence is their preferred option.

Our security forces must be maligned for maintaining peace and security in the country.

They must be labelled rogue and anti-people.

Our leadership must be cast in bad light.

But the leadership must never make apologies for doing what is right for its people.

Let us continue to not only defend the motherland, but to develop it as well.

We will never surrender our heritage.


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