Every parent must read this!


EDITOR – I ONCE wrote to you pertaining how parents must continue monitoring their children as they grow up. 

Once again, I give you this timeless piece with several proposals on how parents should be exemplary in raising their children, especially when it comes to matters to do with discipline.

I always wonder, every day when I walk through the streets of Harare, how today’s youths have become masters of the despicable behaviour they exhibit with reckless abandon.

The youths have become a menace to society through rampant and unrestrained abuse of drugs, relentless use of foul language, their shoddy dressing and general disrespect of their elders.

It is often said youths are the future and indeed, without them, there can never be any future to talk of.

It hurts me more to see them indulge in deviant activities.

The youth of today are getting into all these vices every single day, and it seems there is no one actively correcting this.

This, in a huge way, affects their academic results and undermine health while destroying young lives.

From my observation, parents are too busy having their own affairs to notice their own children getting lost.

Every day we read in the papers about wives and husbands who are caught cheating as well as pastors and with this kind of behaviour from our elders, what is there to expect from our children?

Some parents approach children as young as their own and have affairs with them. 

So how can such parents control their own?

I pray and hope that our parents are delivered from such darkness and look at the brighter future of their children.

Indeed, sparing the rod has spoilt the child.

Godknows Dhewa,

Avondale, Harare.


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