Great Zimbabwe Monument …an ancient African spiritual centre


By Nthungo YaAfrika

WHO built  the Great Zimbabwe Monument and why the special design? 

So many theories are thrown around. 

Those who see nothing good emerging from the continent believe and insist it was built by Arabs or Chinese or Persians or Portuguese and certainly not Black people.

They ignorantly think that Black people were and are not capable of conceiving and building such a beautiful imposing structure , the best dry stone building on planet earth.

It was certainly built by Black people . 

According to the writers of Sankofa Movement , in their book, ReAfricanisation and the Reality of War, by Kwame Agyei and Akua Nson Akoto the design of the Great Zimbabwe Monument represents, “concept of fortitude and preparedness and permanence, impenetrability and dynamic fluidity.

 Great Zimbabwe Monument also evidence the concept of self- containment . These are factors that must characterise our approach to the work of nation building and ReAfricanisation”.

The concept of Great Zimbabwe Monument was supposed to represent a self contained impenetrable dynamic Afrikan continent , that dances to its own tune, and not foreign ones. 

This was Kwame’s Nkrumah’s vision.

Everything about the Great Zimbabwe Monument is scientific not primitive . 

‘’The relationship of the three spheres is analogous to three spheres of the earth; First the earth’s geosphere, including the core, mantle and lower crust; Secondly, the biosphere, including the upper crust, the hydrosphere and troposphere and Thirdly the upper atmosphere, exosphere and magnosphere – the area of the earth’s encounter with celestial forces, including the influence of the moon, sun, comets, asteroids, stars, galaxies and other celestial bodies and forces,’’ the Sankofa Movement authors describe Great Zimbabwe.

Despite the Great Zimbabwe being scientifically described thus, it was overrun and conquered by a people who had less scientific knowledge than them. 

What went wrong? 

It is the curse African people have even to this day, the curse of being too hospitable to foreigners and showing them everything in our closets.

Africans have been great builders and most of their buildings usually point to celestial bodies.

Let’s look at the Dogon people, who live in the Homburi Mountains near Timbuktu, these people had  a vast knowledge about the universe.

They knew about a star called Sirius B invisible to the eye. 

The first picture of the star was taken in 1970 through a telescope. 

Sirius B is a white dwarf star although small and faint is extremely dense and heavy enough to exact an influence on Sirius A. 

Dogon name for Sirius B is Po-Tolo. 

Tolo means star and po the name of the smallest seed known to them.

The Great Zimbabwe, why was it built and does it have a secret that can revive The Afrikan community?

The Great Zimbabwe is different from the Pyramids because it is not a tomb . 

Why was it not destroyed like most grand Afrikan monuments? 

They desecrated Matopo Hills when they buried Cecil John Rhodes there, but the Great Zimbabwe they left intact only taking some artifacts like the Zimbabwe Birds.

The question is a deafening why? 

This is a subject our continental  historical, anthropologists, spiritualist fundis should be pursuing with vigour. 

My humble contribution to the Great Zimbabwe Monument is that , those who built it were making a statement.

A description of the Egyptian Temple in the book Stolen Legacy by  G.M. James notes: ‘’Egyptian temples were surrounded with pillars recording the number of constellations and signs of the Zodiac or cycles of the planets. And each temple was supposed to be a microcosm or a symbol of the temple of the universe or of starry vault”.

Max Mueller in his Egyptian Mythology states: ‘’Egyptian temples were made of stone, the outer courts of mud bricks. Wide roads led to the temples for the convenience of processions, while the immediate entrance was lined with statues, consisting of sphinxes and other animals. 

The front wall formed two high tower like buildings, called pylons, before which stood two granite obelisks. 

Immediately behind the pylons came a large court, where the congregation assembled and watched sacrifices. 

Immediately next to the hall of congregation, came a hall of Priests and immediately following the hall of Priests came the final chamber, called the Adytum i.e. Holy of Holies, which was entered only by the high priest. 

This was the place of the shrine and abode of God. Each temple was the production of the world.”

Compare the description of the above, Egyptian Temple , Jerusalem Temple  and the Great Zimbabwe Monument, all have three courts, the inner most, Holy of Holies. 

Granite in Egypt and granite in Zimbabwe. 

Compare with the temple built by King Solomon. 

The statement that was made by those who built The Great Zimbabwe to the culturally and spiritually initiated is quite clear: ‘’ There will be a time when foreigners will trick you, saying that they are more holy than you, your ancestors were idol worshippers, cross check this monument with the one they say is holy and you will see through their evil devilish schemes’’. 

We are a very lucky people, look what they did to the Indians in north America and the Incas in south America, Aborigines in Australia; absolute cultural annihilation in north and south America.

Where are the Incas today? and this is a race that said and is still saying they are the true defenders of the Cross of Christ.

The ancestors we love to loathe, hate, denigrate were more righteous than us, despite we, trying very hard to find fault with them.

Thousands of years before The Son Of Man was born, this was written in one of the ancient texts, “their religion Maat called the rich to help the less fortunate rather than exploit them”.

Thousands of years later in the fifteenth century , when the first white man of Portuguese descent, sailed around the tip of South Africa and landed in the vast Empire of Munhumutapa, called Benemetapa in some Portuguese accounts ‘Anonio Bacario, a Portuguese informs us: “The Emperor shows great charity to the blind and maimed, for these are called the king’s poor and have land and revenues for their subsistence and when they wish to pass through the kingdoms, where ever they come from, food and drink are given to them at public cost as long as they remain there and when they leave the place to go to another, they are provided with what is necessary for the journey and a guide and someone to carry their wallet to the next village. In every place where they go there is some obligation, under the penalty that those who fail therein shall be punished by the king’’ and Great Zimbabwe was their capital and place of worship. 

Who can dispute that, this is the original true gospel of Yoshua ben Yosef otherwise called Jesus Christ.

After they overran the Empire, these murderers, rapists, thieves masquerading as Christian missionaries introduced their own type of Christian religion, that is called winner-takes-all, exploit and call the poor lazy and good for nothing.

This is the Christian religion Africans are chained to today, whether one wants to believe it or not, this is the truth.

A religion where one is forced to condemn those who were more righteous than destroyer missionaries, what ignorance.

The Great Zimbabwe Monument is the holiest place in all Africa. 

It has to be accorded the respect due to it, it is not just a tourist attraction.

But will a disjointed, disillusioned race like ours ever see the light, I don’t think so, because we have been poisoned to the roots by the Anglo, Roman, Portuguese, French and American type of polluted Christianity we are currently practising.

If only we can decipher what we erroneously and ignorantly call Bushman’s paintings our future as a race would be bright .

Whereto now, our beloved continent, that has been tottering for so long, wobbling but not yet fallen? 

The Great Zimbabwe is the spiritual capital of Africa. 

Africa has a spiritual obligation to congregate at the Great Zimbabwe Monument, offer prayers to the Creator, to rid Africa of perennial problems that are continuously bedeviling it.

It is said if you know the truth it will set you free.

Is Africa ready to embrace the Truth? 

Are we prepared to unshackle, unbundle and get rid of of the polluted dehumanizing racist Roman, Greek, Anglo and American White supremacist Christian religion legacy, that is enslaving us mentally, physically and spiritually  dividing us to the marrow instead of uniting us?

The uninformed, view the Great Zimbabwe Monument as a pagan, devilish shrine , because they see it through the eyes and mind set of our former enslavers and colonisers, who up to now view our ancestral spiritual history as pagan. 

The Exodus of the children of Israel from Egypt, is comparable to the one of those who built the Great Zimbabwe Monument, because their exodus was prompted by pagan Romans when they over ran Egypt, when Emperor Justian abolished their way of life and religion. 

The Israelites were led by the cloud during day and by fire during the night, whereas the builders of the Great Zimbabwe Monument, were led by the Zimbabwe Bird up to the place they built their Temple.

The temple that they built was supposed to be impenetrable, because they learnt from Egypt how vulnerable open temples were  during attacks  by enemies  and were easily over run.

Despite this the African curse, hospitality to strangers was their downfall. 

They forgot to ask the Creator, how to treat these foreigners, despite the experience in Egypt, to their own detriment and of future generations.

There is positive energy at the Great Zimbabwe Monument which the White Missionaries failed dismally to extinguish and the African community is failing to tap into. 

This positive energy  can make the Africa free for ever, spiritually, mentally and physically.

To the youth in pursuit of truth and clarity

To those committed to the family 

To those in search of their Afrikanity

To those engaged in ReAfrikanizatin

To the warrior builders

To the mothers and grandmothers

To the fathers and grandfathers

To those committed to righteous thought and righteous action

To those committed to the vision of a sovereign African World Community

To the teachers and facilitators in African centred independent institutions

To the clear headed

Know thyself and history.

Despite knowing the truth or not interested in it , the African community seems to prefer basking in ignorance of its glorious past  to the extent of denigrating their ancestors to the delight of our former enslavers and colonisers. 

The present generation of Whites always praises their ancestors for a job well done in subjugating and humiliating us, because of them they are enjoying unparalleled privileges, wealth and freedom in our own backyard while we fight among ourselves and if one dares to talk about injustices committed to our race he /she is vilified. 

I rest my case.


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