Happy with progress at Manhize


EDITOR — WE are very happy to learn that the Dinson Iron and Steel Company (DISCO) is now 50 percent complete. Indeed the US$1,5 billion steel plant is going to be a game-changer and will give our economy a massive boost. 

It is also very heartening to learn that already the company is being overwhelmed by inquiries for its products from local and foreign markets. 

The project, to be Africa’s largest integrated steel plant, is anticipated to start production in August this year, producing over 1,2 million tonnes of steel annually. DISCO is the Chinese company developing the US$1,5 billion steel plant. 

The company’s establishment will bring the cost of doing business down, as companies are currently importing iron and steel as well as other related products. 

The Manhize steel plant, which was accorded a national project status by the Government, is now 50 percent complete, employing about 800 people, which figure is expected to rise 10-fold once production begins under the first phase of the project.

At the completion of the first phase, the plant will produce 1, 2 million tonnes of carbon steel.

A total of US$50 million has since been availed for the construction of dams in the area which will supply water to the plant and the surrounding communities, including other mines. 

The dam will supply 130 million megalitres of water to the plant and the surrounding communities including the town (Mvuma) and Chivhu. 

The iron and steel plant will use one-tenth of the water in the dam with the rest benefitting the community. 

— Tawanda, Chivhu.


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