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Israeli-Palestinian conflict …a wake-up call for Nahasis

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By Nthungo YaAfrika

THERE will always be enmity between modern Israelis and Palestinians because of the Tambous’ (white savages’) distortion of the creation story and events in the book they call the Holy Bible. 

In all fairness and truth, the Bible is not Holy as the name suggests because it was compiled when Tambous (which means savages) usurped and distorted human civilisation. The so-called modern white Jews are descended mostly from the Khazarians, a race that was dismantled and forced to choose between Judaism and Islam. 

The majority of them chose Judaism, culminating in the crisis in the Middle-East that is creating chaos all over the world. Check how the original Jews, the Nahasi (blacks), are treated.

The Palestinian-Israeli conflict is a wake-up call to the black race to unite — but how many of us are privy to this? 

How many of us know that the Middle-East was once called North-Eastern Africa? 

This name became distasteful to the whites as it showed that our race is the foundation of all races on earth. 

Even in their Holy Bible, Genesis: Chapter 3, whites cleverly called themselves serpent and that’s apportioning all the blame to the poor serpent who could not, and still cannot, defend itself even up to now.  Human beings out of the orbit of Yahweh are more cruel to themselves than the devil. 

Why, despite the consequences all rebellious sons of Yahweh will be facing at the end of the world, none of them has ever asked for forgiveness? 

The answer is very simple. 

This story has a lot of holes and is not the original story of creation of our ancestors and it shows how the human mind works if it is disconnected from the Creator; the current scenario of our race all over the world. 

The whole world was bequeathed to our race and our ancestors messed up and we are still messing up. 

How so, one might ask? 

Yahweh never created poverty; whites did and we are still following in their footsteps. We are blaming Yahweh for creating poverty amongst us yet the opposite is the truth. 

The Book of Enoch is the most hated book by all who create poverty in a planet of plenty. Enoch wrote books, but surprisingly, the Holy Bible fleetingly mentions him in Genesis 5:18-24 and is also mentioned in Jude:14-16. 

Enoch is hated because he mentions the origin of the white race as a union between disobedient Watchers and Nahasi women.

The whitewashing of whites started in the Middle Ages when the Seljurk Turks captured Jerusalem. 

The Eastern Emperor ruling at Consatinople appealed to Pope Gregory VII for help, an appeal strengthened by pilgrims suffering at the hands of the Turks. 

Gregory VII failed to rouse enough enthusiasm for this project until 1095 when Pope Urban II appealed at the Council of Claremont for an international Tambou crusade. 

His aim was to undo a Latin State in Palestine to defend Jerusalem. 

The response was immediate. 

The Welshman left his forest hunting; the Scot forsook his friendly lice; the Dane abandoned his endless drinking bouts; while the Norwegian deserted his raw fish. 

These crusades united the white race. 

Three European rulers set out in 1089 to join the Third crusade – Emperor Frederick Barbarossa, Philip Augustus of France and Richard I (Couer de Lion) of England. Barbarossa was drowned en-route to Armenia. Richard’s aim was to restore the Kingdom of Jerusalem and recover the Holy City. 

Count Henry of Champagne was elected King of Latin Kingdom over Richards Guy of Lusigman, whom Richard compensated with a gift of Cyprus. 

For now I end here. 

This is found in ‘The British History’ by Grolier. 

This book really shows who the original Jews are, not the current crop of white Jews.

Middle East was formerly called North-East Africa. The owners of this piece of land are our ancestors, Africans formerly called the Nahasi. 

Knowledge is power but most books with this knowledge are being destroyed. 

The Falashi Jews found in Africa (in Zimbabwe  North and Middle East) are the nearest of the original Jews. 

The rest are impostors. 

Jews were never whites nor Namous (so-called Asians) but were Nahasis the current crop of undiluted Africans found all over the continent and in the Diaspora.

And back to the topic of the week – Israeli-Palestinian war. 

Physically, there is no difference between the two as they come from the same mould as compared to Nahasi Jews who are called Falashi in some parts of the motherland. The Jewish land, called Israel, and the Palestinian land are both our Yahweh-given lands but because of ignorance of the majority of our race, they think they belong to Jews and Palestinians because of history which whites distorted with the story of creation. 

Many blacks, because of ongoing slavery and colonisation of the mind, will find this hard to swallow as they still think whites are nearer to Yahweh than any other race because of pictures they see in magazines and books.

How our race is still mentally and spiritually enslaved to whites is a disgrace to the positive spiritual world. 

Two thousand plus years after the birth and death of Yeshua, we are still tied to the demented spirits of whites dreaming they will lead us to the promised land. 

Our feet are in spiritual waters, yet we are spiritually thirsty.

Libya, the DRC and Zimbabwe, are ostracised by the West because they wanted to take charge of their destinies. Zimbabwe was sanctioned in 2001 to date for taking its land back which the whites had taken by force from the indigenous people. 

This did not go down well with the so called international community which is Tambou-controlled, culminating in sanctions being imposed. 

These sanctions would have had no effect if the continent was united, but this is made worse by politics on the motherland which are Tambou-inspired and which encourage disunity while the current Arab issue is pitting Israel against Palestine. 

The most pitiful thing is the whole Arab race being disjointed about the whole issue and not speaking with one voice. Don’t forget when Hitler was trying to eliminate the Jews, Arab blood was spilt in defending the Jews. 

Not many remember that Israel was supposed to be in Uganda after the Ugandans had been displaced. 

This never came into being because it would have made Yeshua a Nahasi, a thing they hate to the marrow although it is the truth. With our rate of ignorance, a future Israel will be in Africa. Who can deny this considering our level of educated ignorance?

What will happen to our race when the Palestinians and Israelites close ranks? 

Currently, the Moslem world is seeing its mistakes about the Palestinian issue and when the Arabs become friends with the whites, what will happen to us? 

Fore warned is fore armed, but not our race!  Look at the relationship between Germany and the US today. 

They were enemies during the Second World War but buddies for life today. 

The white race has done more harm than any race since they came into this world. 

The situation in the Middle-East is a rallying call for our race to unite.

Nthungo YaAfrika, aka J.L. Mtembo is a Hamite who strongly believes in the motherland renaissance. For views and comments, email: lovemoremtutuzeli@gmail.com

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