Know thy self


By Nthungo Ya Afrika 

AS a race, do we know ourselves? 

The answer to this question is crystal clear. 

An explossive NO! 

We talk about Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhaism, among other religions, but are deafeningly silent about our African religion, Ma’at or Maat, the original mother of all human religions.

Ma’at was a concept of truth, balance, order, harmony, law, morality and justice.

One was expected to act with honour and truth in matters that involve the family, community, nation, enviroment and God.

As a principle, it was formed to meet the complex needs of the emergent Egyptian State that embraced diverse peoples with conflicting interests. 

It sought to avert chaos and it became the basis of law.

Compare and contrast with the history of the above mentioned religions: While Ma’at sought to avert chaos, the above mentioned religions are the bedrock of chaos.

Yes, currently our race is the scum and last rung of humanity, yet sign posts are there in history books, stolen from our ancestors by our so-called benefactors but severely edited, doctored and distorted to make make us non-beings and a dependant lot. 

These sign posts, if followed, can lead us back to claim our glorious past and live it in the present — and not tomorrow!

But this road to reclaim our glorious past and live it in the present is a minefield. 

However, the most sophisicated minefield is none other than our ourselves. 

This is self-hate, that is now our second skin, which has been passed on from generation to generation consciously or unconciously, willingly or unwillingly, knowingly or unknowingly and, last but not the least, ignorantly. 

But if it is done ignorantly, well it is a voluntary misfortune. 

This is so, since our race was conquered and subdued by the pale skins. Only God knows when this will end.

Yes, we hate our hair, noses, lips, eyes and, most of all, our pigmentation of the skin. 

To most of us, beauty is associated with white while being ugly is associated with black. 

We are in this situation because many don’t know the original creation story — but whose fault is it? 

How many universities are there in the so-called black world and on the motherland? 

Our race is associated with tthe devil incarnate, while the white among us are the Creator’s choice. 

In a nutshell, we ignorantly hate the Creator; what with an imposing blue-eyed blonde Jesus Christ! 

Who cannot wish to be blonde? 

The so-called Lost Books, named so because the information in them was unpalatable to them, have many sign posts to still reclaim our glorious past and still live it in the present. 

The so-called Lost Books actually prophesied accurately about the pale-skinned race and their ancestry and how they would lead the human race to self destruction. 

That’s why these books are not part of the Bible compiled by the white race. 

Who can shoot themselves in the foot while running away from a predator?

Are Egypt, Ethiopia, Soudan, Niger and Nigeria indigenous names; and not forgetting the name of our motherland Africa? 

The answer is NO!

The most powerful nation on planet earth, the US’ building of their biggest (in Africa) embassy in Zimbabwe, a country under it’s sanctions, is surprising, to say the least, to many but not to the spiritually free. 

It is a prophesy being fulfilled. 

What prophesy, you may ask? 

The renaissance of the black race will start in Zimbabwe, but has to be stopped or discouraged because the only Holy Shrine still standing for our race to resurrect itself is in Zimbabwe. 

They know it but we don’t, because most of us are blinded by the doctrines of their religions. 

Whatever plans are afoot to stop the Renaissance train will be thwarted by the spiritual world, which is far more advanced than the physical world. 

The most hated of the Lost Books, is the Ethiopian version of The Book Of Enoch, which says the devil and his associates are blonde and pale-skinned.

Nthungo Ya Afrika aka JL Mtembo is a Hamite who strongly believes in the motherland renaissance


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