Know your history…’without blacks there would be no human race’


By Nthungo YaAfrika

THE conquest of Africa by Rome in 84 BC was a partial destruction of our race, but culminated in the the dark ages for the pale-skinned race for they had extinguished the human light of the world. 

African academics and intellectuals who did not want to be ruled by ignorant Romans left Egypt en-mass, and started Wisdom Schools in Ionia, Asia, and Arabia to name but a few places, while some migrated down south to Mali and some invaded Spain and Portugal, also starting Wisdom Schools there. 

The Soudan was unaffected as Rome failed to conquer it because of the mighty warriors it had and the shield of the desert.

From 84 BC to the fall of Rome in 5th Century, the world was in intellectual darkness as no one could reignite the wisdom of the Egyptian Wisdom Mysteries. 

Not even the Arabs, who today, think that they civilised us yet the opposite is the truth, but how many Africans believe this, especially if they are of the the Moslem faith? 

The Apostle Paul was the first who conscientised Arabs about the folly of worshipping idols, that is before modern Islam became fully blown in the 6th Century. 

All the inventions attributed to the Arabs are actually Egyptian, most notable sciences and the most famous one, gunpowder. 

Actually, gunpowder was used by Egyptian priests in their ceremonies and was a closely guarded secret, as they knew its horrible devastating effects. 

A traitor among the Egyptian priests revealed this secret and look at the effects it has had and is having on the human race.

How many Black Africans of Islam faith know that Islam is on the tomb of Egyptian Pharoah Seti 1 of the 19th Dynasty, 1 700 years before the Quran? 

How many Black Africans of the Christian faith know about Osiris? 

He was called the redeemer god, who sacrifices himself, dies and is resurrected to save mankind, a figure essentially identifiable with Christ. 

With no perspective about self, we become the opposite of Luke 6 verses 39-49: “Can the blind lead the blind? Will they not both fall into a pit?”

From 1450 BC, this being the time, the pale-skinned races were released from the jail of the Eurasiam stepes, from the Persians, Greeks, Romans, the Barbarians of the 5th and 6th  centuries, Genghis Khan, the Turks, Napoleon; the partition of Africa in 1884, Hitler’s war to date, the deliberate total conquest of the Motherland by pale-skinned races forced miscegenation continues unabated and this is unknown to the so-called modern African. 

We take ourselves as not being pertinent to to the human race. 

Thats why other races think we are a human pestilence, just fit to be virused off from this planet. 

The current withholding and hoarding of the coronavirus vaccines is a case in point. 

We are suffering from delusions as we think that other races can pick us up from the dungeon of self-pity we are wallowing in.

When HIV and AIDS hit the world, zero patient was said to be African, yet a pale-skinned sailor died in 1945 in Britain with an unknown disease later to be confirmed to be AIDS-related when his tissues were checked with so-called modern equipment. 

The zero patient was said to be a bush meat eater, especially monkeys. 

Then comes Ebola, Africa again became a centre point of a zero patient. 

The current epidemic, COVID-19, has no zero patient despite all the technological knowhow at their disposal, yet Africans are at the epicentre of racism concerning this scourge. 

This is all because we lack self-worthy because of zero perspective about ourselves.

How then did the light return to the world? 

The Roman Church sent students to Spain to be educated at African-centred Wisdom schools. 

This was so since the Roman Church had some Black leaders among its ranks at that time. 

And when most Black leaders were not in decision-making position, the Roman Church gathered all their kith-and-kin, fought, defeated and chased all the Blacks from Spain.  The Africans came home and started again their Wisdom schools, by moving further south and building empires.  

This did not go well with the Roman Church as it mastered all and sundry, for the total eradication of the Black race. 

In the 15th Century, the Roman Church declared that the African had no soul, paving the way for physical and mental slavery to date. 

The so-called voyages of discovery were an excuse of hunting down the remaining Black academics and intellectuals in order to extinguish the light. 

They destroyed all African kingdoms from the north to the south, completely demolishing all structures, in order to eradicate all our civilisation, but one structure they failed to destroy; the greatest dry stone building ever built by human beings, the Zimbabwe dry stone, which housed the Emperor Mwene Mutapa, who ruled from South Africa to Mozambique. 

This structure is better than the Jerusalem Temple. 

Indeed, without our race, there is no human race and that alone is the truth. 

Know your history and you will have the correct perspective about self. 

Nthungo YaAfrika, aka J.L. Mtembo, is a Hamite who strongly believes in the motherland renaissance.


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