Kombis need regulation


EDITOR — I AM happy that the transport crisis of the previous weeks has been resolved. The ZUPCO queues were long and taisvika kumba kwadoka. Maprivate were not willing to take the risk of carrying passengers and be fined.

 So we suffered. But now that we have resolved this and private players are on board things, we hope, will work out. Vakomana vemakombi vatanga!. Kombi drivers — perhaps because they have been caged for the last two years, have just gone berserk. They are cutting queues and causing traffic jams. 

I do not know how this can be resolved amicably. 

Some of these kombi drivers are young and often reckless as it is often with youngsters and I suspect some of them will be under the influence of these so called mutoriro drugs. 

Some of these kombis have since removed public transport white plates and have put the private yellow plates. 

if something is not done, we will be back to pre-COVID-19 days with these unruly drivers. 

I am not sure how this can be resolved but urgent attention must be put towards transport and traffic control.


Stonebridge, Harare.


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