Let’s develop from our resources


EDITOR — I ENJOYED the informative article by Emmanuel Koro on CITES. The tragedy for Zimbabwe is that it has millions worth of rhino and elephant horns gathering decades of dust because CITES will not allow us to sell them. 

Africans often fall victim to these conventions that are often fronts used to launder Western intentions like embargoes and sanctions. 

As the article stated there is very little science to CITES’s recommendations. 

In the case of Zimbabwe, we know it is somehow linked to the sanctions, to keep the country on its knees. 

Right now, the conversation is about global warming, carbon emissions and what the world should do. 

Industrialised economies are talking about Africa’s population boom in the next decades and how this will increase energy consumption leading to an increase in carbon emissions. 

They are projecting that the population will grow to about 3,3 billion. According to some misguided elements, controlling Africa’s population is one of the solutions. 

Already the continent is underpopulated as compared to other nations with a lesser land mass. Africa has a land area of 30,37 million square km — enough to fit in the US, China, India, Japan, Mexico and many other European nations combined and we are gullible enough to accept free contraceptives to reduce populations a well as being signatories to these conventions. 

Africans must not trust everything clothed in UN trappings.

Let us pause and think before we are bullied into signing some of these conventions.




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