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EDITOR – ALLOW me to thank Mashingaidze Gomo for his enlightening articles. 


I wonder when people are also going to give credit to Mwenemutapa Kamharapasu Mukombwe (Maguranyika/Goveranyika/Banguranyika 1663-1692).

Mwenemutapa Kamharapasu Mukomwe was the elder brother of Mwenemutapa Nyakunembire (1692-1694) and Prince Nehoreka. 

When the Mutapa Empire was in the process of being weakened by Portuguese invasion, Emperor Mukombwe managed to turn the tide. 

Mwenemutapa Mukombwe was Christian in name only. 

He lived as a true African, observing all the traditional rites and never going to church. 

All his Christian subjects followed his example. 

Mwenemutapa Mukombwe had little respect for the Portuguese, whom he saw as people driven by their own selfish interests.

Mwenemutapa Mukombwe reunited the Sena-Barwe /Lower Zambezi Tonga people and the Shona-Karanga people under the Mutapa Empire. 

Even the powerful provincial rulers of Barwe and Manica resubmitted themselves to his authority. 

Mwenemutapa Kamharapasu Mukombwe successfully drove back the Portuguese from several lands in Mutapa and managed to resettle various Mutapa families in the lands he had freed. 

For this he was given the praise-name Maguranyika/Goveranyika/Banguranyika, meaning ‘the divider of the land’, for he was the one who demarcated the lands of many vassal lords in Mutapa. 

Various royal dynasties in Zimbabwe and central Mozambique, such as those with the Tembo or Shumba Nyamuzihwa totems, are related to Emperor Mukombwe. 

Mwenemutapa Mukombwe passed on in 1692 and his successor/younger brother Mwenemutapa Nyakunembire would ask the Rozvi Mambo Changamire Dombo I for help against the Portuguese. 

Mambo Changamire Dombo I accepted this request and went on to defeat the Portuguese at their settlement at Dambarare. Changamire Dombo would arrange for Mwenemutapa Nyakunembire /Nyamubvambire to go to Manica and replace the ruler there who was a Portuguese puppet. 

Today the influence of Mukombwe’s mhondoro/royal ancestral spirit is great in the areas of Mt Pfura/Mt Darwin, Chipuriro/Guruve, Mutoko, Shamva, Mazowe and Bindura.

Nyakuava Mukomowasha


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