My take on Tinashe Mugabe’s DNA tests


 EDITOR — IS Tinashe Mugabe a good friend to our society?

People have ‘enjoyed’ the painful revelations but what has been the aftermath? 

Has anyone cared to consider the fate of children involved?

Have the DNA results secured the boy and girl-child’s next step?

Maybe Gwenyambira Wepasichigare is too archaic to understand Tinashe Mugabe in this modern world.

In any society the future lies with the children.

Here is a letter to you mwana waamai Tinashe Mugabe.

 Dear Tinashe Mugabe

 As a science expert in the laboratory I understand  what you are doing; verifying and authenticating, among other things.

But brother Tinashe I am writing this letter to you with a heavy heart, with tears trickling down my face. The trauma I have experienced since you left our home after your DNA tests and results is indescribable.

 Brother Tinashe, your results do not give the child protection and safety after the event. I am really curious to know and wonder if you, before introducing this programme to the society of Zimbabwe, you engaged people from social welfare, law experts or children and family psychologists? 

Did you ever think how the victims of your process would be protected from the results — I mean the ‘winners’ and ‘losers’ of your DNA tests?

 Your business is thriving, growing by the day but my brother, the children’s future and mental stability has been messed up. We are no longer at ease. After people receive your results some celebrate, some cry, while others are simply stunned and to what end? What are the repercussions for the children involved?  Is this a football match or boxing my brother? The child is left in a precarious position. Will they continue to be loved or be abandoned? Do you pay the children a visit after your results to check on them?

 My brother Tinashe, in our African culture we say: ‘Mimba mutadzi mukuru hairevi chayakadya. Chenga wose manhanga hapana risina mhodzi. Mwana azvarwa haana mhaka. Chazuro chaive chebonde chakamedzwa nenguva.  Dangwe idangwe harine mhaka, mai raive gura haraive gombo.  Wade mbeva otogamuchira kuiwana kumbudyo kana kumarise.’ 

Brother Tinashe our elders were wise and alert to all these things hence all the above statements. They cared about our children.

 After your results, women, men and children have been mocked and gone to suffer from great mental anguish without any form of support or counselling. Many have been stressed to death. Some now hate women and some children are plainly confused and feel lost. My brother, your show is killing the society. Can such a matter be really a show for public consumption. These are matters best dealt with behind closed doors for they  are innocent children involved no matter the outcome.

Families are being torn apart. There is nothing good from your show. As long as it is a show, the world does not need to see this kind of show.

Your DNA tests deserve secrecy, integrity and solutions for the affected, especially the children havana mhaka, havana chavanoziva.

Your brother in primitive caves from the mountain,

Herbert Gwenyambira Wepasichigare Mashonganyika.


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