‘My testimony on Yahweh’s herbs’…still going strong at 70


By Nthungo yaAfrika

YAHWEH’s vegetation, commonly known as herbs or plants, are eternal friends and a good foundation for both man and animal health, as they were created before them. 

Between the two, animals have a better understanding of Yahweh’s vegetation. 

This is so because they have not severed their natural spiritual instinct with the Creator the way human beings have.

I used to suffer from blood pressure (BP), diabetes, arthritis and had prostate gland problems knocking on my door. 

I had retired from work and my pension was not enough to cover my medical bills. 

Instead of feeling pity for myself, I immersed myself in antiquity books and mixed with many old people who rarely used modern medication. 

I cannot get the credit for the end results, but all credit goes to Yahweh.

My first port of call was my mind because the mind is the controller of the body. 

My mind had to get used to me taking vegetation instead of pills. 

I used to take six BP tablets a day. 

Add those for diabetes and arthritis, it became a very uncomfortable situation. 

I then started increasing my vegetation intake and my BP, diabetes, arthritis and prostate problems started easing while my health improved. 

Noticing this, I started cutting my tablets intake slowly and checking, especially my BP and diabetes. 

I was rather surprised when I saw the figures dropping. 

This encouraged me to stick to the regime I had created. 

After a number of weeks, I could sense that my mind was now receptive of my new regime. 

This encouraged me to further cut down on tablet intake, my final destination being to be free from tablets.

The day I dreaded most came – that of being free from taking any tablet for my ailments. 

I literally told my brain that I will always have tablets in emergency, and my brain agreed. 

The next three weeks were very crucial as I never took any tablet, but increased my vegetable intake. 

I continued on this course with many a people calling me a fool. 

By the end of 2014, I had stopped taking tablets.

As I completely weaned myself off tablets, my health greatly improved — no more puffed face with eyelids bulging. 

The arched back and bent knees started straightening, and alertness increased. 

My detractors started noticing and asked for my regime. 

I asked them: “What can you learn from a fool?” 

To this day, I praise Yahweh for giving me the strength to wean myself off tablets. 

I am now on Yahweh’s vegetation medical regime. Books and articles by the late Dr Selby made this transition bearable. 

This does not mean that I don’t take modern medicine anymore.  

I do, but don’t depend on it completely. 

Many people do not know the meaning of the word ‘modern’ and its origin. 

This is the origin and meaning: ‘Relating to present or recent times, marked by a departure from traditional styles and values’. 

Modern history is from the end of the Middle Ages to the present; which starts from the fall of the Roman Empire in the West (5th Century) to the fall of Constantinople in 1453 or narrowly from 1000 to 1453. 

My question is: What word was there that described medicine and religion before they became known as ‘modern’?

Vegetation medicine (herbs) is under siege from the modern Church and the modern medicine for reasons that are questionable. 

The modern Church associates herbs with witchcraft and modern medicine associates herbs with primitiveness. 

Primitive they say, because they are not scientific yet Yahweh is incomparable to science, as science is a creation of man and man was not self-created, but created by Yahweh. 

Many retired people are suffering silently because of the stigma attached to herbs, and many of them cannot afford modern medicine and faith healing sessions of the modern Church, leaving them in no-man’s land. 

Yet the motherland has the best climate for Yahweh’s vegetation medicine. 

If this vegetation medicine can be fully utilised, the motherland could save a lot of foreign currency while healthcare would be accessible to all citizens at affordable prices, with pensioners and old people being treated without paying any money. 

This is almost impossible, as the majority of the grandfathers, grandmothers, mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, the educated and uneducated are infected by what I call self acquired voluntary ignorance syndrome (SAVIS) and standard bred syndrome (SBS). 

These two are a creation of the Christian enterprise and capitalism — unknown before 1884 when Africa had Yahweh precepts and ordinances. 

This is the time when self-knowledge was encouraged from cradle to the grave.

Death is inevitable whether one is on herbal treatment, modern medicines or faith healing sessions, but before it comes, good health is paramount. 

The modern African likes living in the present and uncharted future, forgetting that the past is key to both the present and future. 

Our detractors don’t want Africa to be self-sufficient, spiritually or physically, and they are being assisted by us because of SBS and SAVIS. 

I hope my testimony will give the daughters and sons of the motherland a positive outlook about Yahweh’s vegetation we ignorantly denigrate and despise. Everyone in this world is looking within the self while we look outside the self. 

It’s time we introspect as a people.

In my next testimony, I will write about how Yahweh’s vegetation gave my late father an extra four years of life after being diagnosed of acute prostate gland problems. 

He was given a few weeks to live if he was not operated on. 

He, however, passed on at the fruitful age of 99.

Nthungo yaAfrika, aka J.L. Mtembo is a Hamite who strongly believes in the motherland renaissance.

For views and comments, email: lovemoremtutuzeli@gmail.com


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