Nehanda’s statue was overdue


EDITOR – I WAS in Harare recently and my primary goal was to see the Mbuya Nehanda Statue mounted at the intersection of Julius Nyerere Way and Samora Machel Avenue. 

Indeed, the imposing statue is at the centre of Harare and I found it interesting that it actually rotates. 

I took a moment to reflect on this liberation icon who sacrificed her all for us to be free. 

She was murdered for defending her motherland, Zimbabwe.  

In this regard, I would like to thank the Government and Zimbabweans at large for finally honouring our heroine who resisted colonisation till death. 

The statue was long overdue because I believe this is one thing we should have done at independence in 1980. 

Perhaps the independence euphoria made us forget but still, that is not an excuse.   

Mbuya Nehanda inspired Zimbabweans to rise against colonial injustices in the Second Chimurenga that ultimately led us to be free. 

Her last words before she was hanged: “Mapfupa angu achamuka,” came to pass as gallant sons and daughters of the soil rose to dislodge the Ian Smith regime. 

It was not an easy task, but our freedom fighters prevailed as Mbuya Nehanda led from the spirit realm. 

But back to the statue in Harare: I urge schools to ensure they take their students to that monument and explain to them the invaluable role Mbuya Nehanda played in order for us to enjoy the freedom we enjoy today. 

In fact, catching them young is very important, hence let’s start from our children in ECD. 

That way, they will grow up knowing about this liberation icon who defied odds despite being a woman. 

Certainly, Mbuya Nehanda must serve as an inspiration to our girls that nothing is insurmountable. 

Once again, I say thumbs up to President Emmerson Mnangagwa and relevant authorities for immortalising Mbuya Nehanda. 

As she rotates at the centre of Harare, she remains a reminder to all Zimbabweans that this country did not come on a silver platter.

Blood was shed. 

Campion Machiwenyika,



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