Opposition politicians no saints


EDITOR — CURRENCY manipulation, overpricing, artificial shortages, false abductions as well as courting arrests through unsanctioned demonstrations are all meant to cast the ruling Party in bad light. 

Desperate for power, the opposition is sacrificing its supporters just to please their Western handlers and to justify continued funding.

 It is sad that the opposition will do anything and go to any lengths for the biblical ’30 pieces of silver’. No amount of money is enough to betray one’s country. 

It is time we punch back; the West is no superior animal to us. We are already in election mode and in the name of so-called ‘democracy’, we shall be asked to allow every Jack and Jill from the West into our country. But not even a single country in Africa or AU is invited by Western countries to monitor their elections. But here, in Africa, we invite them to be the umpires, to declare our processes free and fair. 

Without their approval, our electoral processes will not be declared credible, what cheek! We cannot choose to be small to be run-over like that by people no better than us. 

Acting like a jilted lover, the British lead in the media persecution of our motherland. 

Zimbabwe is not part of England. Our foreign investment policy is open like the sky to whoever, from wherever, to do business. 

Unfortunately, the British sing more about Zimbabwe to soil its image than they sing their own national anthem. They wail more than the bereaved. We know that the economic war on Zimbabwe through price increases is made to propel the puppets of the West to corridors of power. 

The media today is where the battles are being waged and it is here where we will also hit back in defence of the motherland. CCC has no cell, no branch, no district committee, no provincial committee, no national committee and no party constitution?

This is a coalition of fragmented gangs who share nothing in common except draining the gullible West of its financial resources than building Zimbabwe.

 Were it not for the so-called democracy, the CCC should have long been banned as a foreign agent causing mayhem and chaos in the country. 

R. M. Chauke.


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