People’s budget boost for Zim


EDITOR – I WOULD like to commend Government for unveiling a people-oriented budget which prioritises basic needs, including health and education.

Given the COVID-19 pandemic that has put a huge strain on our health sector, it is commendable Government responded by prioritising the sector.

Apart from the pandemic, the sector is also expected to provide other services, including maternity, hence the funds are greatly appreciated. 

In the wake of the COVID-19 Fourth Wave, it is important that efforts continue to be made to ensure people’s lives are saved.

The stance taken by Government shows it is ahead of the situation.

It is important that our hospitals be fully equipped and Government should continue giving the health personnel incentives.

By so doing, the health officers will not be demoralised and will continue serving the country during these difficult times.

In the budget, Government also prioritised the education sector and this is commendable.

Our education sector needs all the support to ensure learners who were disturbed during the lockdown period catch up on their studies.

Schools, especially those in rural areas, need assistance in ensuring that they too embrace online learning to ensure they are not disadvantaged in case another lockdown is imposed.

The support that is being given to institutions of higher learning is commendable.

These institutions have now become the country’s innovation hubs hence they should get adequate support to ensure their inventions help in the development agenda.

We must come up with local solutions to address the challenges threatening our grand vision for development.

We are masters of our own destiny; we do not need outsiders to dictate to us how to run our affairs.

The budget really shows that Government is walking the talk.

Laws that protect the country from internal and external enemies must quickly be enacted to boost our growth.

We are not moved by the noise being made by the British; Zimbabwe is our country and we are capable of running our own affairs.

They should not waste their time discussing us at the expense of their own problems they are yet to address.

Mai Rue, Norton. 


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