Schools need to be sorted


A VIDEO of a school head who used a pair of scissors  to plough through the hair of students who did not have proper haircuts when schools opened went viral on social media. 

People who commented on the video were divided on whether the headmaster’s conduct was appropriate or not.

Some said it was good in ensuring discipline among the students while others were against the school head for cutting pupils’ hair with a pair of scissors. 

The majority said it was the duty of parents to make sure their children are properly dressed in full school uniform and have haircuts that are allowed at school even if others said haircuts were not important in the learning process. 

However, I maintain that it is the responsibility of parents to ensure their children comply with the demands of the schools.

We should not wait until action is taken by school authorities to react or even comment.

From the word go, parents and guardians must be in sync with the schools their children attend.

If they disagree, disagreements should be dealt with way before a child sets foot on school premises.

It is the duty of parents to check their children before they leave for school and ensure that they are in compliance with the requirements of the school, from uniforms to general deportment.

There will be no need for school heads to resolve such issues if all the boxes are ticked.

Learners and parents should follow school set rules or find alternative institutions which allow stylish haircuts. 

Rules are meant to be followed.

There are more critical issues for debate with regards to improving our education system.

Teachers continue to demand payments for extra lessons and are making a killing milking desperate parents and yet have the temerity to threaten industrial action.

Our children are being held to ransom, those who do not pay for extra lessons are simply being ignored.

Headmasters and teachers are in this extra lessons business together leaving no-one to police the people shaping our children’s minds.

The burden of looking for weekly fees after paying the money required per term has left us groaning under a heavy financial weight. 

Hilda Chademana, Harare.


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