Shame on stay away organisers!


EDITOR — I WANT to give kudos to patriotic Zimbabweans for refusing to shoot themselves in the foot to further Uncle Sam’s interests. 

The recent failed stay away organisers working as independent organisations, such as Crisis Coalition in Zimbabwe, Transform Zimbabwe, Team Pachedu and others, are evidence that Zimbabweans are now politically mature.

We will not be used by greedy people only concerned with lining their pockets through doing the dirty work of the British and Americans.

I am happy that people reported for work and went about their usual business to the frustration and anger of regime change agents.

The groups had planned to have thousands of people not reporting for work, but Zimbabweans know who they are and what they want.

This madness can only be done by turncoats bent on destabilising the country for 30 pieces of silver.

Both the private and public sector did not respond to their call for a stay away simply because they are not that gullible. It was business as usual.

And they are not about to destroy their businesses to please the West.

Gone are the days when we were mere workers. We are now owners and that comes with huge responsibilities and obligations. 

Zimbabwe is ours to build.

No one is going to build it for us, it is our duty to ensure that it prospers.

Ngarivhume Jacob said that: “The country must close and collapse, for it is not functioning.” 

What is not functioning, if Zimbabweans may ask? 

Truth of the matter is that Uncle Sam is piling pressure on his agents to destroy the country. 

But they are doing a shoddy job of it because we know who exactly they are.

Please take note that a country cannot be governed on social media. This is student union politics which does not work and that will not work for this nation. 

Zimbabweans know what they want and where they are going.

#be productive and make money.

— By Sir Blacks.


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