Shame on us


THE number of children falling victim to their caregivers has gone past alarming rates. 

Child abuse has become a pandemic and drastic measures have to be taken as a matter of urgency. 

People no longer engage in cattle rustling or vandalising ZESA equipment without first pausing to think of the dire consequences. 

These crimes have automatic number of years if one is caught and found guilty. 

It is time that we come up with not just stiff but harsher sentences for people violating our children. 

Children are a vulnerable lot because they cannot defend themselves. Predators preying on children should have no place in our society, they are destroying the very future of this country. 

The psychological scars they are inflicting on these children will never heal, this is violation of the worst kind. 

Instead of raising champions, innovators, creators, builders we are bringing up broken beings who will struggle to navigate in the world. We must give our children every advantage, every opportunity, every chance to thrive. 

It is time we also deal not just with the predators but also those prescribing get rich quick prescriptions that involve the violation of children. 

Traditional healers, vapostori or who ever instructs people to abuse children to get rich must be charged alongside the perpetrators. 

They must not be allowed to go scot- free because it encourages the next ‘sick in the mind’ person to violate the next child to enrich themselves. 

Every nation is its children, without them a country is doomed never to prosper. 

All the effort we are putting to rebuild our country must also be extended to protecting our children or else our efforts are in vain. All we are doing is for our children. 

We must raise them in manner that will enable them to care and protect future generations.

We are past being livid, it is time we craft laws like yesterday that will severely punish the offenders. Let us place more value on our children than cows and electric cables. 

Cases of child abuse, where they are open and shut, should be dealt with swiftly. This is a matter that does not need a lot of words. 

We should put a stop to incidents of child abuse. Every child must be given a fair chance in life. 

Every child must be allowed to be a child

James Tonzwana, Macheke


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