Shaping the future we want


IT has been a hectic two decades for the country.

Two decades of sustained aggression from the country’s enemies.

Enemies both within and outside the country.

Enemies who are driven by the goal to subdue the country and the masses.

Enemies who are agitating for the annihilation of the liberation struggle narrative.

Our enemies are back again.

They are frantically trying to destabilise the country.

They are back in full force to ferment anarchy in our land.

We now have, once again, a supercharged opponent pursuing the failed regime change agenda.

There is so much we can do as a country to counter those machinations.

For instance, there is absolutely no harm in us uniting as a people and country.

There is nothing that can stop us from bringing our minds together for the greater good of our country.

We cannot be stopped by anyone or anything in pursuing our destiny.

We cannot be dictated to by outsiders on how to run our affairs.

We cannot be stopped from running our economy the way we want.

We cannot be stopped from tilling our land and producing for the country and the world.

There is nothing that can deter us from unearthing our minerals the way we want.

After all, this is why our country is under relentless attack from our foes.

Our foes have never wished for a prosperous Zimbabwe.

They drool over a divided people, and Zimbabwe.

They marvel each time our country is under siege.

We will not be swayed by those antics for we know where we are and we want to go.

We have shown that we can do it even under sanctions-induced circumstances.

Our people have managed to produce significantly even when they are being hampered by the evil sanctions.

They have defied the odds in spite of the never ending machinations of our enemies.

They will still conquer because they have their country at heart.

Even when we are under siege, we will still make the best out of what we have.

We are humbled by the fact that we successfully managed to negate yet another intrusion by our enemies last week.

The much touted demonstration suffered a stillbirth because we do not want war.

It failed because we want peace.

Future demonstrations will fail because we have the country at heart.

We are patriotic citizens.

We are proud sons and daughters of our land.

We are humbled by the efforts that we have shown thus far in combating the deadly COVID-19 pandemic.

It is unfortunate that lives have been lost and that cases are on the rise. 

Under normal circumstances, we should be saving every life but that is the way it is.

The world has been severely affected.

No one is free or safe from that wretched pandemic.

That includes those who ‘predicted’ that Africa would resemble a graveyard.

Those predictions are coming to naught.

And when we commemorate Heroes’ and Defence Forces’ Days next week, we will do so armed with the knowledge that our country was fought for.

We will do so knowing fully that our country is in safe hands.

We will do so as a proud people.

Now is the time to build our country the way we want.

We must shape the future we want.


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