By Nthungo YaAfrika

MY articles in The Patriot of April 14-20 2023 and April 28-May 4 2023 titled ‘Blacks civilised the East and West and Of Wise Nahasian’… stories that can liberate our race,’ were seen by many as wishful thinking. 

This does not surprise me as many of our race suffer from a disease called  self-acquired voluntary ignorance syndrome (SAVIS), nurtured by three evils on the motherland — Western religion, schooling mistaken as education and toxic politics nicknamed democracy.

Our problems, as a race, stem from these three Western evils that are controlling our minds, souls and spirits, culminating in most of us viewing our ancestors’ past through whites’ lenses.

This viewpoint is cemented in the white corrupted Way of Yahweh blasphemously called Holy Bible by the pretenders to the spiritual throne.

The majority of our people, to our race’s detriment, do not know the difference between Musiki, uThixo, Chauta, Creator, Yahweh or God, gods and ancestors because of the way the Tambous (whites) manipulated the Way of Yahweh.

In this article, I will manoeuvre through the minefield called the Holy Bible to show similarities between Ancient Israel, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Africa at large and China.

This was prompted by what Reverend Robert Taylor, a Briton from Oakham, said about Christianity in 1883: ‘‘Bind it around thy neck, write it upon the tablet of your heart, everything of Christianity is of Egyptian origin.’’ 

Robert Taylor

Egypt does not mean Arab, it’s Greek, which means black or sun-burnt.

I will also show that our ancestors’ writing is well and alive in the Chinese way of writing.

All is not lost as a race if we gather our common sense and see the Bible as it is; a colonial tool to keep us perennial, spiritual and physical slaves to the whites who do not know their past and had to come to Africa to find their roots.

This they do by digging up our ancestors’ graves and one wonders why not dig their ancestors’.

The answer is simple — their ancestors never buried their dead but ate them.

I will start with Abraham, a well-known figure in Christian and Islam religions.

What does his name mean?

In Genesis 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17 he is called Abram.

In the Bible, he is said to have descended from Shem, one of Noah’s three sons but his name says he is from Ham the cursed one Genesis 9: Verses 20-28.

This then is the meaning of his name: Ab means father; ra means spiritual while ham means the cursed one and, combined, it means ham is the spiritual father and is not as written in the Bible in Genesis 17: Verse 5 which says the name means ‘father of all nations’.

This is downright corruption, but many of our race do not believe it, because of ignorance of antiquity books.

How can one person be descended from two people?

And from Ham the whites say we originated and used this to enslave and colonise us and also used the Book of Joshua 9: Verse 27 to do this.

The Bible made us, ‘‘And Joshua made them that day hewers of wood and drawers of water for the congregation and the altar of Jehovah up to this day in the place where he should choose.’’

This was a clarion call of the apartheid regime in South Africa which was supported by the whites worldwide and how we easily forget and forgive to our own detriment.

Of interest is the name ‘Apiru’ which was changed to ‘Hibairu Ibri’ and then Hebrew which means ‘wanderer’ which was what Abraham was.

This was done to hide the origin of the word ‘Apiru’ which ,in Malawi, can mean ‘Aphiri’, a surname or totem.

When Abram’s name was changed, so was his wife Sarai to Sarah. (Genesis 17: Verse 15)

This was done to hide the origin and meaning of the name which, in Zimbabwe, in Zezuru, means stay behind.

While the Israelites were led by the Ark and prophets in their wars, in books of Exodus, Joshua and 1 Samuel and 2 Samuel, among others, the liberation wars in Zimbabwe, were also led by spirit mediums, prophets and prophetesses in their own rights.

Zimbabwe is the only country in the world, after Israel, that has been led by the positive spiritual world in its liberation wars called the First and Second Chimurenga, who the British colonialists called god or goddess by the names of Murenga and Mbuya Nehanda who manifested in Mbuya Charwe and was executed by the British colonialists — more about that later.

The influential spirit of Mbuya Nehanda (left) and Sekuru Kaguvi operated from Makombe’s (Mbari’s) territory.

Of interest also is the name found in 2 Samuel: Verse 11, which says: ‘‘And after him was Shammah, the son of Agee, a Hararite,’’ — Zimbabwe’s capital city is called Harare. What a coincidence!

Yes the people of Yahweh — ‘us’ — are well and alive in the corrupted Way Of Yahweh now called the Holy Bible but are intimidated by 139 years of Western religion now being zealously propagated by fellow black people to misguide the gullible majority.

What made ancient Israel to disintegrate is exactly what made our race to be what it is today — not following the Way of Yahweh. Today’s Israel looks invincible mainly because its population has more white blood than the so-called despised black blood and, because of this, it gets maximum support from the whites in order to perpetuate the myth that Jesus is white, a creation of the Roman Catholic Church.

This was also precipitated mainly by many primitive mingled Tambou races, whose ancestry was black, converting to Judaism during the Christian and Islamic wars.

These two religions, at that time, were vying to control the whole world.

A typical example was the conversion of King Bulan of Khazaria, a mingled white around AD 740 to Judaism after he was convinced that Judaism was better than Christianity and Islam because it was the original religion.

This he did because he was under pressure from the Jews and Arabs and he then sent this appeal to Emperor Constantinople: ‘‘We have God the Lord of everything [referring to Tengri] from time immemorial… and now the Jews are urging us to accept their religion and customs and the Arabs, on their part, draw us to their faith, promising us peace and many gifts.’’ (From Hope of Israel Ministries Ecclesia of YEHOVAH.) 

From the foregoing statement, one can see that his ancestors knew the Creator before Judaism and Islam became religions.

I was pleasantly surprised, but not shocked, when I read the Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary by Sir Ernest Alfred Wallis Budge because it confirmed what I wrote in The Patriot of April 14-20 2023, an article titled, ‘Blacks Civilised the East and West’.

Dictionary by Sir Ernest Alfred Wallis Budge.

From as far back as 1764, Joseph de Guines (1721-1800), an eminent Sinologist, tried to prove that epistolography and symbolic characters of the Egyptians were to be found in Chinese characters, and that the Chinese nation was nothing but an Egyptian colony.

Following in his footsteps, M. le Conte de Palin or (Pahlin) held that the Chinese and Egyptian characters were identical in origin and meaning. He believed that if either the ancient forms of Chinese characters, or those whose values indicate were given to them, a true hieroglyphics similar to those that existed on the Rosetta Stone would very often be found.

And he thought that if the Psalms of David were translated into Chinese, and they were written in the ancient characters of that language, the inscription in the Egyptian papyri would be reproduced.

This is a slap in the face for the self-dehumanising generations of after 1884 with ignorant and orphaned minds that think our ancestors had no writing systems — this being because by 1884, all academics, intellectuals, gods and knowledgeable ancestors had been murdered, leaving the riff raff who then were easily indoctrinated by the whites and we then are their descendants, the result is this current  disjointed motherland.

I mention Gods and gods, from the book of A.S. Chigwedere, ‘The Forgotten Heroes Of Chimurenga, The Archives Speak’, Murenga is described on Page 4 as, the High God, the High Spirit, Mlimo, Mwari, the God of Matobo Hills by none other than the white colonial administrators themselves.

Such names confused missionaries and this is why King Leopold 11, in his letter of 1883 to Belgium missionaries who were to come to Africa, said: ‘‘Your principal objective in our mission in the Congo is never to teach the niggers to know God, this they know already. They speak and submit to a Mungu, one Nzambi, one Nzakomba, and what else I don’t know.’’

The late Chigwedere’s research was spot on.

What do esteemed African theologians say about this? 

Connect this to the King Bulan of Khazaria as stated elsewhere in this article, it actually means the Book of Enoch is correct about the white origin and their destructive ways that are manifesting in the world today.

The evils of the West we hold dear in our hearts, souls, spirits and minds are nothing but pure idol worship. Even their corrupted Bible is speaking to us today in Numbers 33: Verses 55-56: ‘’And if you do not drive the inhabitants of the land before you, then shall those who remain be as pricks in your eyes and thorns in your sides and shall vex you in the land you dwell. And it shall come to pass, that as I thought to do to them so will I do to you.’’

The above statement in motherland countries that gained independence after a protracted struggle against the whites, shedding a lot of innocent blood, it would read thus: “After you have gained your independence and if you do not get rid of the three evils of the Tambous amongst you, Western religion, schooling and politics, they shall be as pricks in your eyes and as thorns in your sides and vex you in the land you have liberated and dwell. And it shall come to pass, that as I thought to do to them so will I do to you.” 

The pricks and thorns in the motherland today and into the unforeseeable future are currently Western religions led by the Catholic Church, NGOs, CSOs and Western foundations that are keen to create crises of spiritual and physical mode on the motherland.

The foregoing are in the front of promoting ‘human rights’ instead of Yahweh rights and what do the people of colour do — follow suit, throwing away common sense to the wind.

To the current people of colour worldwide, the whites are the voice to be listened to instead of the Creator.


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