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The Christian lies created by the Tambous: Part 1

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By Nthungo YaAfrika 

WHEN the headline of this story hit me, I thought it would be hard to defend with the information I had gathered. 

I changed it many times; went to bed thinking about it; woke up thinking about it; even when walking around, it kept playing in my head. 

Had I put myself in a difficult position, could I sufficiently defend my assertion? 

Then on January 2 2024, I visited a young man by the name of Tafirenyika Kiwenga Chiwashira who gave me an audio by Dr Mathole Motshekga titled: ‘Jesus was black’ recorded at King David Studios in South Africa. 

He said to me: “Old man, this is the stuff you are always writing and talking about, I hope you will learn something new.” 

Dr Motshekga brings in new evidence that will shame hardcore racists and those among our race who worship all things white.


I will not dwell on the comments on this audio; listen to it and make your own decision. 

I hope Dr Motshekga’s message finds its way to the AU and educates the whole continent of who we really are and make every African see how much we are blessed and how our land is a paradise. 

Today we are being abused left, right and centre by other races who do not have a Story like ours. 

I do not want to use the word His- Story because it is a word crafted by those who are abusing us. 

Dr Motshekga’s message will shame all tribalists as it will show them how ignorant and captured they are by the Tambous’s (white savages’) distorted His-Story made into a subject that is now internationally called History 

Savages is what our ancestors, the Nahasis, called the ancestors of the manipulative, self-praising, self-serving and cruel race, now calling itself white. 

The Bible is explosively quiet about the colour of material used to create the first couple, so named Adam and Eve, although some argue those were not people as their first names suggests. 

One school of thought says ‘Adam’ means ‘inert clay’ while ‘Eve’ means ‘Yahweh’s Spirit’. 

‘Yahweh’, ‘Jehovah’ and ‘God’ are the names the Tambous and their descendants call the Creator. 

Before the Tambous disturbed our spiritual and physical peace, starting from 525 BC to date, our race had one name for the Creator and just by mentioning that name, miracles could happen. 

After our race was conquered, repackaged and forced into exodus and exiled by the Tambous, those who knew the miraculous Holy name were executed, culminating in new names like these being used by the conquered descendants of Nahasis (blacks) wherever they were dumped by the Tambous, far away from their Holy places of origin. 

No one can deny that since the Tambous’ religion was imposed on us, we have become more like them, a race without positive spiritual feeling towards one another. 

We lack compassion for the less fortunate and we are in that situation because of Tambou Christian systems we adore and love more than the Creator. 

Musiki never created religion but human beings did, starting with the so-called creation story of Adam and Eve in the Tambou’s Christian religion. 

But this distorted narrative is cancelled out by the book of Prophet Enoch who, the lying Christian Religion, does not want to know or talk about, yet he is mentioned in their corrupted Bible in Genesis and the Book of Jude and the Bible they blasphemously call Holy yet it carries contradictions. 

Enoch corrected this anomaly during the time he ruled the earth for 300 years and this is not found in their corrupted Bible. 

Enoch is hated by the Tambous because he said they were products of fornication between the Watchers, erroneously called Angels in their Bible in order to make the Tambous’ ancestry holy overlooking the fornication of their male ancestors with Nahasi women. 

Do angels have the attributes of the fallen Watchers — the answer is no. 

They spend their time giving glory to the Creator and they have one mind, that of praising and giving glory to Musiki. 

Tixho can never demean them to be Watchers who are just above human beings in creation. 

As a race, we are in this unenviable precarious spiritual mess because the continent is under the spell of a lying Christian religion which incidentally contradicts itself on many issues, for example the month and season Yeshua was born. 

If Yeshua was born in December, let’s see if their corrupted Bible attests to this; let’s have a look at the Gospel of Luke: Chapter 2: Verses 8-9: ‘’There were also in the same region shepherds living out of doors and keeping watch in the night over their flocks. Suddenly Jehovah’s angel stood before them, and Jehovah’s glory gleamed around them and they became fearfull.’’ 

These angels were delivering a message about Yeshua’s birth to the shepherds who were tending their not want to know, research and answer is this: Israel being in the northern hemisphere, can shepherds sleep with their flock out in the 


Yeshua’s birthday being celebrated worldwide does not tally with Luke’s Chapter 2 as no sane person or, even for that matter, a mad one can be brave enough to sleep outside, on the pastures, tending the flocks as it will be very cold and during these months flocks are kept and fed in doors. 

The unimaginable, unthinkable, hated truth is that Yeshua’s birth place was not in the Middle East but somewhere in the motherland. 

The Tambous are afraid of the truth about December 25 and that makes one wonder about Luke 2: Verses 8-9. 

Today, the Christian Church is openly embracing gays and lesbians and talking of granting them ‘blessings’. 

Tambous have been rewriting Yahweh’s story and the human story since they were taught to write by our ancestors, calling that narrative His- Story. 

Whose story! 

The Tambous’ story is built on top of our ancestors’ story. 

All sorts of criminal activities are happening under the criminally lying Christian Church. 

People are losing properties and money to companies whose directors and shareholders are Christians all over the world. 

The lying Christian Church does not care any more about the Ten Commandments as to them, these are old fashioned and outdated. 

Heavenly bliss to them will only be attained by those who give more to its unholy schemes against Musiki, as the current Gospel emphasises money before seeking the Creator. 

Currently, those being blessed in the lying Christian churches are the top brass going against what is actually written in their own corrupted Bible (Acts 2: 44-47) and this is repeated again in Acts 4:33-37. The foregoing chapters and verses are in their corrupted Bible, yet there is not even one Christian Church that practices what is written there. 

Capitalism is the name of the game and if one is not in it, that’s your problem; yet capitalism is an enemy and friend to none. When the going is good, it embraces you and when it is bad, it spits you out yet this system is the backbone of the lying anti-Creator Christian Church, destroyer of our Nahasiism (hunhu/ubuntu). 

The earth was created to be the paradise for flesh and heaven the paradise for the spirit when it leaves the flesh, simply meaning Musiki never created suffering. 

Suffering is a creation of humans who are not in sync with their Creator and the Book of Enoch shows this clearly. 

It’s not about religion but about how we relate to Muungu that will make us enjoy both the physical and spiritual lives. 

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