By Nthungo YaAfrika

AS much as Africans would want to have closure to many of the problems haunting the motherland, the first port of call must be knowing our ancient name. 

Some might see this as a non-event, useless and time wasting but there is more to a name, as a name is not only physically but also spiritually connected. 

That is why no-one, since creation, has ever named his/her offspring ‘Devil’, ‘Lucifer’ or ‘Satan’ even among those who call themselves ‘Devilites’, ‘Luciferites’ or ‘Satanists’. 

The biggest problem among our race are academics and intellectuals who are for hire to light-skinned races who want to continuously undermine our self-esteem as a race. When Cheik Anta Diop wrote that we were Nahasis and not Africans, all hell broke loose, not from the light-skinned races but from our academics and intellectuals who hire themselves out to the Tambous to destabilise our race spiritually and physically. 

What then is the colour of the skin of a Nahasi? 

The colour is determined by the brain that controls the eyes of the beholder, which is either colonised or free from colonisation. 

The colour ‘black’ was imposed on our race in the 15th Century when the Tambous identified themselves with the colour ‘white’ in the 17th Century. How Africans want to be associated with that colour puzzles even the positive spiritual world. Many Africans do not know the negative connotations of the colour ‘black’. 

The white or is it pink savages always thought that the colour ‘black’ would protect them from the devil, their ancestor, during funerals and ended up wearing black to funerals. 

They thought that during funerals, the devil would make the rounds among the mourners searching for the next victim and, by wearing black clothes, one would not be seen by the devil.

A colonised mind instructs the eyes to see what the colonised mind thinks, to the delight of our former enslavers’ skin-lightening cream industry. 

The partition of Africa was in 1884 while Zimbabwe’s First Chimurenga was in 1896-1897. This simply means Nahasis of that time knew about the books of Enoch and Jasher by heart and had common sense to rebel against the Tambous. 

The Second Chimurenga (1966-1979), spearheaded by the holy spiritual realm of the First Chimurenga, managed to dislodge the Tambous, but the Tambous still have a hold because of their religion which is practised by the majority. One hundred and twenty-seven years later from the first contact and still counting they were right.

Europe’s surface area is miniscule compared to the surface area of Africa which they colonised.

How a whole continent could be divided by such few savages could have been a failing question from primary education to university level. 

Our low self-esteem stems from religions of our ancestors that were reworked and corrupted to make us non-beings — a typical example being in the 15th Century when the Catholic Church said Africans, unlike Europeans, had no soul. 

The New African magazine of October 2007 had this letter to the editor by Kiflu Hussain: ‘’I am of the opinion that whereas Nkrumah’s wish for African unity has been sincere, there is no history in any other current African ruler’s background to indicate that they are really committed to the unity  of Africans. In a nutshell, I don’t see the ambience in another Africa that leads to unity. As in the words of (Muammar) Gaddafi himself at Oxford, at the Accra Summit may end up forcing us to eat uncooked beef.’’ 

Gaddafi was then murdered by the system he had defended on October 20 2011. This system is still murdering, and will always murder, Africans who defend it.

This now brings me to the fallen angels who are introduced in the Tambous’ Bible as the ‘True Sons of God’ in Genesis 6:2. Their offspring are supposed to have been destroyed by the Flood, but did they were not. 

The Book of Numbers 13:25-33 answers that and says those are the descendants our ancestors called the Tambous, the current so-called white race or ‘Bede, the Venerable, the Anglo-Saxons descendants of three Germanic peoples — the Angles, Saxons and Jute. These tribes had no tradition, culture or written language; that is why our ancestors called them white savages. 

We are supposed to lead the whole human race back to the Creator. 

Our ancestors maintained a sound relationship with the Creator as Lord Macaulay’s address of 1853 attests. There was no poverty on the motherland; it was all peace and harmony, creating an environment for the likes of Macaulay to travel around without being harmed. Thirty-one years later our race crumbled like a deck of cards and our academics and intellectuals are not interested to find the reason!

What a shame! 

Those who were, unfortunately, taken away from the motherland were forcibly converted to the corrupted version of their ancestors’ spiritual writings renamed the Bible by the Tambous. 

The Bible soothed and divided them and made them pliant. 

During the time of slavery, Enoch is mentioned in Genesis 5:21-24; while Jashar is found in Joshua 10:13; 2 Samuel 1:18 — and thesewere no go areas for the enslaved Nahasis. 

The Creator created order not disorder and is not a dictator because the Creator is not human. Our lot as a race is self-inflicted because of the ignorance of the majority who do not want anyone to criticise two imposed religions on the motherland — Christianity and Islam. 

We also have Tambou races amongst us, whose ancestors are from Europe, who were rejected by their current parent white races because most of them have African blood which reminded those in Europe of their link to the fallen angels.

White is not pure and was never pure, only the Nahasi, the first creation, is pure. 


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