The Way of Yahweh is holier than all religions


By Nthungo YaAfrika

I HAVE always maintained that religions are not from the Creator but man-made systems that make the Creator unreachable except for a chosen few.

The Creator is orderly; the words confusion and disorderly do not exist in the Creator’s realm but in that of mankind.

Religion actually started when mankind rebelled against the rule of Yahweh and when mankind became remorseful they wanted to reach out again to Yahweh but on their own terms.

By so doing, confusion and disorderliness became the bedrock of all religions.

The question that many people do not want to ask is: Which race started religion?

The answer is found in the Book of Enoch and in The Holy Quran, Al Hirj: Verse 26, which says: ‘’Verily We created man of potters clay of black mud altered.’’

It’s a free, confused and disorderly world and one can interpret this verse the way one likes.

From my own interpretation and after reading all the versions of the Books of Enoch and many antiquity books, my conclusion is that the so called ‘black’ race, although their pigment is nowhere being black, was the first to be created.

In this article, I will deal with the Christian religion and their Bible.

I was born, bred and baptised in this religion although I am no longer part of it.

This religion was started by the so-called white race.

It was started when Rome conquered Egypt (Africa), the once leader of the then known world, in 84 BC. At first Rome did not see any threat from this religion but as time went on, it felt threatened and in the 4th and 6th Century AD, through edicts of Emperors Justian and Theodius, banned the indigenes from practising it, not the current light skinned inhabitants known as Arabs.

One thing that impressed Rome about this religion called Maat was its grip on the populace and Rome knew that if it banned this religion and then copied and pasted it on a new religion she created, she would rule the world like Ancient Egypt and, as they say, the rest is his-story.

Rome, through her Church, controls the Christian world and is respected by other religions.

But what then is the Way of Yahweh?

It is simply having a personal relationship with Yahweh.

That personal relationship is even mentioned in their Bible which they blasphemously call Holy, Genesis 5: Verse 24: ‘’And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him.’’

The first people to corrupt the Way of Yahweh were our ancestors, who then called it Maat which was a concept of truth, balance, order, harmony, law and justice.

Did this bring peace like the peace that was enjoyed when Enoch ruled the then known world?

The answer is no and it’s still no today, until the end of the world, if we don’t revert to the Way of Yahweh.

Why is it difficult to walk in the Way of Yahweh?

The answer is very simple; we abuse the freedom Yahweh gives us.

Yahweh is communal but we hate this and prefer the concept of individualism and because Yahweh is not dictatorial, Yahweh leaves us to our vices, to our own detriment.

Because of ignorance of the scriptures of our ancestors, the Romans corrupted Maat and called it Christianity, moving further away from the centre of communalism, of togetherness, love and orderliness.

This has made Christianity the worst religion since mankind was created.

Christianity has killed more people than any other religion and it’s still not satisfied, only Yahweh knows when this will stop.

Christianity is a religion of scapegoating which encourages pointing fingers to all and sundry except itself, although when one points a finger at someone, one forgets that three fingers are pointing at the self. The scapegoat of Christianity is the devil, yet in the Book of Enoch, the devil has no sway over human beings as he was shackled after influencing mankind to sin.

What does one expect from a religion that heavily depends on Genesis 3: Verses 9-13: Adam blaming Yahweh and Eve, Eve blaming the serpent, no-one taking responsibility. This is the defence Christians always give when cornered — it is the fault of the devil.

The Maat religion was about taking responsibility for one’s actions but this does not mean it was perfect because of its deviation from the Way of Yahweh.

The consequences of corrupting the Way of Yahweh by our ancestors is there for all to see, the suffering of our race.

Maat represented the ethical and moral principle that every Egyptian (African Nahasi) citizen was expected to follow in their daily lives.

They were expected to act with honour and truth in matters that involve family, the community, the nation, the environment and Yahweh.

Because of the responsibility Maat gave to individuals, one had the courage to write his own confessions, without pointing fingers at the unseen Christian devil while living, which would be placed on his tombstone.

The most famous one is that of Ani, found on a papyrus, which were then labelled 42 Negative Confessions of Ani, which include:

  • I have not committed sin 
  • I have not committed robbery with violence 
  • I have not stolen 
  • I have not slain men and women 
  • I have not stolen grain 
  • I have not purloined offerings 
  • I have not stolen the property of the gods (ancestors) 
  • I have not uttered lies 
  • I have not carried away food 
  • I have not uttered curses 
  • I have no committed adultery, I have not lain with men 
  • I have not made none to weep λ I have not eaten the heart (I have not grieved uselessly, or felt remorse) 
  • I have not attacked any man 
  • I am not a man of deceit 
  • I have not stolen cultivated land 
  • I have not been an eavesdropper 
  • I have not been angry without just cause 
  • I have not debauched the wife of any man 
  • I have not polluted myself 
  • I have terrorised none 
  • I have not transgressed the law 
  • I have not shut my ears to the words of truth 
  • I have not worked witchcraft against the King (or blasphemed against the King) 
  • I have never stopped the flow of water 
  • I have never raised my voice (spoken arrogantly, or in anger) 
  • I have not cursed (or blasphemed) God. (Messenger of Yahweh i.e those who could communicate directly with Yahweh like Adam, Enoch, Elijah and Yeshua) 
  • I have not acted with evil rage λ I have not stolen the bread of gods (ancestors) 
  • I have not carried away the khenfu cakes from the spirits of the dead 
  • I have not snatched away the bread of the child, nor treated with contempt the gods (ancestor) of my city.

Of interest here is the confession about homosexuality; 4 368 years ago homosexuality was an abomination yet the Pope said it was sin but not a crime and the Anglican Church has given it a thumbs up and is marrying them (same sex marriages).

Maat called the rich to help the less fortunate rather than exploit them.

The corrupting of the Way of Yahweh created three classes of people — the rich , middle class and the poor — the current situation today.

Yet when Enoch ruled the world for 300 years, there was nothing of the sort.

Although it was banned in the 4th and 6th Centuries, Maat survived up to 1883 and is even mentioned by Lord Macauley in his speech to the British Parliament in 1835 and also by King Leopold 11 of Belgium in 1883, although not by name.

By thinking that Christianity is the Way of Yahweh, our race will always be the tail of other races.

The Bible, in its corrupted form, encourages us not to rebel against current spiritual slavery imposed on us by white Christianity.

Christianity encourages one to be religious, making the Creator a distant being.

Christianity is about acting religious while failing to have a personal relationship with Yahweh, which the Way of Yahweh is all about.

Christianity shows Yahweh as a dictator, with Yahweh’s laws being harsh on human beings and the result of not following them is going to hell.

Many say I am hellbound for calling the white Christian Bible corrupted and this highlights blissful ignorance.

While translating the Hebrew scriptures, the whites also said they were probably corrupted: read the preface of the American edition which was completed on July 10 1884.

To the spiritually enslaved modern African, only the whiteman or woman has the right to criticise or edit the Bible which was penned by our ancestors.

The white race are pretenders to the spiritual throne and because of our ignorance, we are afraid of challenging them.

Even though they corrupted the Way of Yahweh, our ancestors missed that personal relationship with Yahweh, as written by Ptah Hotep: “Maat is good and it’s worth is lasting. It has not been disturbed since the day of it’s creator, whereas he who transgresses its ordinace is punished. It lies as a path in front even of him who knows nothing.Wrong doing has never yet brought its venture to port. It is true that evil may gain in wealth but the strength of truth is that it lasts.”

Yes, the Way of Yahweh is holier than all religions.

Nthungo YaAfrika, aka J.L. Mtembo, is a Hamite who strongly believes in the motherland renaissance. For views and comments, email:


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