We must preserve our history


EDITOR — IN this month of August, where we celebrate our heroes, let us revisit the issue of erecting monuments in honour of our gallant sons and daughters of the soil. 

We cannot afford to forget or be ignorant of the contributions of these illustrious citizens. 

It is important that we constantly remember for, as much as they are our history, they are the ideological, moral and political compass guiding us into the future. 

We must immortalise the spirit of the liberation struggle. Let us have statues of Mbuya Nehanda erected at many different centres throughout the country. 

Other prominent icons, who battled colonial rule, should also have monuments throughout the country and in our parks. We could even create exclusive parks dedicated to our heroes and heroines. 

Do our children know of King Lobengula, Sekuru Kaguvi, Chief Chingaira Makoni, Chief Chinengundu, Chief Mapondera and General Mtshana Khumalo of the Battle of Pupu, among many others. 

Many buildings, schools and roads with names of our erstwhile colonisers should, in fact, be renamed after our liberation icons. 

At one time there was even a suggestion that the remains of colonialists, like Allan Wilson, be disinterred from Matobo Hills and reburied where he was defeated by King Lobengula. 

It is our country, we can do what we want. The stories of our heroes evoke resistance and resilience — a spirit which today has seen us remain on our feet despite illegal sanctions and the planting of sellouts in our midst. 

We are intelligent, strong and resilient people because we are powered by a powerful history. It is imperative to let our history be a source of pride to succeeding generations. 

American and British history is straight-jacketed in that the ideals of their heroes are indeed the ideals of their respective people at large. Though there might be different political parties, the guiding principles related to patriotism are binding. 

We are first and foremost MaDzimbahwe before anything else. It is in knowing who we are as a people that we can rise in a sustainable manner.

Dumisile Dube, Highfield


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