We must vote wisely 


EDITOR — AS most Zimbabweans and political parties in particular head for the 2023 harmonised elections, peace must prevail. 

I also urge the electorate to vote wisely.

We must shun violence and we don’t want to be misled by regime change agents to believe that we are living in a failed economy. 

We have no basis to believe that President Emmerson Mnangagwa has failed in an environment where every step he takes is countered by volatile enemies of our land. 

As we continuously see the force creeping into our daily bread and hiking of daily essentials, we are betrayed and sold out and we see danger in the opposition parties. 

We don’t need to keep on watching the country being sold out like that by the opposition. 

Something must be done and I don’t hesitate to tell the nation that we must reclaim the economy. 

Nelson Chamisa, in particular, cannot be our next President because he doesn’t care about our wellbeing. 

He does not care about us. 

All he wants is power by any means necessay

Enough is enough. 

The powers behind him are cruel and they will not end there. 

Voting for him is betraying our motherland. 

He must learn from the elders who really fought for Zimbabwe.

W. J. Baudi.


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