Well done our farmers


IT is heartening, amidst the gloom and fear caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and recurring droughts, to learn that maize deliveries to the Grain Marketing Board (GMB) continue to increase.

This is despite of the challenges wrought by climate change that our farmers have had to contend with in the past seasons.

Farmers have thus far delivered 110 000 tonnes according to the GMB.

We must celebrate, no amount is too small or large.

It is the effort, both of our Government and citizens, that we must commend.

While there are some within our midst who are only good at complaining and bashing positive moves to turn around our fortunes, there are those who continue to work for the motherland.

Operations at GMB show that with efficient management, we will quickly transform the service delivery of our institutions.

Government has fully supported the institution by ensuring it is offering farmers better prices and producers are being paid within 72 hours of deliveries.

We commend the GMB for setting up a large number of collection points to ensure that farmers’ transportation costs do not eat into their profits.

I urge our farmers not to tire and keep up the good work, especially on the production of drought resistant small grains.

We learn with delight that farmers have so far delivered 190 tonnes of millet and 4 475 tonnes of sorghum.

Clearly, our people, if fully supported, can deliver everything that the country requires.

If we become food secure through our own efforts and not imports, we would have set a strong foundation for our recovery.

Let us not be distracted by naysayers and merchants of gloom who want nothing but our demise so that they can exploit our country.

The summer cropping season is fast approaching. 

Let us not be found wanting but fully prepared for it.

All the support that will be extended to our farmers let it get to them on time so that we will have high yields.

Success or failure, as a people, is entirely dependent on us and not outside forces no matter how mighty they may perceive themselves, they have no power over us.

It is only us who will undo us.

Our enemies can have their way with us only if we allow it.

Meanwhile, that death visits us all, indiscriminately, does not make it any easy to accept.

The departure of Zimbabwe Defence Forces, spokesperson Colonel Overson Mugwisi to the yonder world is another devastating loss.

He was a hardworking son of the soil.

He was a liberation war hero, a disciplined soldier and above all, a patriot.

He was a professional and a pleasure to work with. 

He was a friend of The Patriot.

I have always said that the act of being silent about ourselves is an act of giving space to non-Zimbabweans to narrate the Zimbabwean story.

And Colonel Mugwisi I would say, appreciated the need to tell our story as he was a keen reader and supporter of our paper.

May his soul rest in eternal peace.


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