Whiteman no saviour


EDITOR — THERE is a misconception that the whiteman  (vasinamabvi/abangela madolo) is the saviour of the world. In fact, it is sad that there are some among us who think the whiteman is our saviour. This belief is tantamount to madness. 

There is no sane individual who can believe that the whiteman will take risks for us. It is time our leaders be courageous enough and call a spade a spade or just keep silent. Celebrating the Queen and describing her as a great leader hurts us, Africans. Let us be self-respecting. 

The truth is the British came here to steal, kill and destroy and that is why they stole our land from our ancestors, looted their cattle and made our forefathers and mothers slaves in their own country. The injustices they perpetrated on us can never be forgotten and that is why we fought back in order to get back our land.

That is why thousands of Zimbabweans died liberating this country from colonial bondage. And years after independence, there are Rhodesians and British who are still bitter because they lost in the struggle for Zimbabwe. 

They still can’t come to terms with the fact that Zimbabweans are now in control of their land and resources. Wherever they are, be it in neighbouring countries or in the Diaspora, Rhodies still long for that era when just about 4 000 of them enjoyed Zimbabwe’s prime farming land while the black majority wallowed in unfertile, arid and tsetse fly infested areas.  We will never celebrate white heroes. 

We have our own heroes worth celebrating.These are the heroes we shed tears for. Our liberation struggle heroes and heroines mean the world to us. Their contribution and sacrifices brought us the independence we enjoy today and many of us take for granted.

Westerners will mourn their heroes the best way they see fit. But we will not be accosted to celebrate them.

Masimba Moyo, Masvingo


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