Whose emissaries are you?


WHOSE emissaries are you, you raucous voices clamouring that the laws of the land should be changed to allow children to access contraceptives?

Who are you, you who claim that there is no culture in this land, that there are no mores, no attitude values and feelings that matter? 

Who are you, whose emissaries are you? 

Who do you represent who claims children are nothing more than biological entities whose physical desires must be gratified whenever they arise?

You who argue that children must be given contraceptives so that they do not father or conceive babies, who claim that there is nothing precious in children except their bodies and when their bodily desires are sated our job as a nation is done.

You claim children should be given contraceptives so that they do not father or conceive children, pretending that it does not hurt children to sleep around. 

You say it is enough to prevent them from having children but what about their emotions? 

What happens to them when they start sleeping around as soon as their desire for the opposite sex is aroused?  

In our society, sex among minors is anathema. 

It invites the unmitigated wrath of the Almighty. 

No nation which ratifies and encourages this anathema escapes the wrath of Musikavanhu. 

In our society, throughout the centuries, children have been protected from this deepest violence and abuse but you have sat down with your masters and plotted to destroy this moral foundation of our society.

What kind of people do children become when they have been turned into robots ready to give in to their bodies whenever they feel like?  

What about emotional and psychological trauma of engaging in sex for pure bodily gratification; who will heal them, what about disease?

Have you ever stopped to think what kind of families they will come up with if ever; broken families as in the West where everyone you know comes from a broken family?

What about the psycho-social consequences? 

What kind of men and women do they mature into, men and women who have been sleeping around since they were boys and girls.

We have enemies in our midst, enemies who want to destroy our children by lobbying that our children be fed contraceptives.

Had our children been condemned to moral debauchery as you now prescribe for them, who would have had the self-denial, self-sacrifice to abandon everything for the armed struggle?

And if you (enemies) win this war against us and our children, who will have the moral courage to stand up for what is precious in their land when the looters and plunderers in whose pay you are, up their game because our children would have sunk into the quagmire and morass of sexual debauchery.

To say that children of Zimbabwe should give in to bodily lusts, all that is necessary is to give them contraceptives so that there are no babies is the worst hatred of your nation but obviously you do not consider it your nation or you would never be so vicious against it.

Are you representing the elders of the nation? 

Did they tell you that our nation is bankrupt of moral and ethical means to raise our children properly?

Are you representing the mothers and grandmothers of this nation? 

Did they tell you that there is no other vision for their children and grandchildren than to be fed contraceptives so that they can abandon themselves to bodily lusts. 

Who are you?

Instead of being an elder brother whom our children can look up to, you are there to peddle the agenda of your masters, to sell them (our young) into the slavery of bodily lusts with the West as the cheer leaders, the authors of destruction, who spawn the death of societies.

Have you consulted the custodians of our people and have you looked into our history and heritage, did you search therein to find out how our people maintained a moral society.

You span the globe in aeroplanes to bring prescriptions of your white masters to sentence nations to death.

Where is life, where is meaning if each child goes to bed with the next, waving contraceptives as their passport to moral debauchery?

Go back to your masters sell out, we do not need you in this sacred land!

In the West where these prescriptions are hatched, no-one is alive except the capitalists; everyone else is immersed in the chase of material satiation while the big capitalists throw them crumps so that they continue to believe their lives are fulfilled but they are never fulfilled because the human is more than a body. 

It is not primarily a physical entity but has a soul and a spirit, and it is these which languish in the moral desert when the body is the only part of the human that is recognised and fulfilled. 

Therefore in these countries, depressions are as common as headaches, an endless feeling of anomie plagues them thus each person has a psychiatrist to keep them afloat in the capitalist sea of meaninglessness.

What has your country ever done against you that you should hate it so?

For the US dollar you would poison your very own source of being, your Zimbabwe?

You would sell your own mother for a shilling, your own father for a crown, your own brothers and sisters for a dollar and you are content that this defines your purpose for being alive.

You conceive with your masters to create a septic society among us and when it chokes the children you say that the dose of sepsis should be increased, should be maximised so that the children actually die. 

You strenuously fight to believe and peddle that this country has no purpose but moral debauchery; but you cannot change the path of this nation, this country has a great mission and Musikavanhu is on our side.


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