Why abuse Greatman?


EDITOR —The ongoing fiasco surrounding the wedding of Tongai ‘Greatman’ Gwaze is sad news. 

Weddings should be beautiful affairs for everyone involved. But it seems some of the people out there purporting to be good samaritans and philanthropists are not sincere but out to gain milage and publicity using other people. 

The love of money has seen many of us having no moral scruples at all going to any lengths to gain a buck and not caring who we hurt or offend in the process. We are a better people than that. Our ubuntu/hunhu should reign supreme. 

These are the symptoms of some of the things that are wrong with us and need to be fixed if we are to fully restore our country to better days. 

Efforts are being made by the country’s leadership to fix our nation that has been battered by decades of illegal sanctions but we have individuals who are only concerned by self at the expense of the greater good. 

These are the real enemies of progress who are setting us back. 

Love for country begins through loving and caring about the person next door. 

I should not abuse or take advantage of a brother or sister. 

We all must work towards building each other and lifting up one another. 

Brian Chakari, 



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