‘Yes, together we can’ 


By Tawanda Chenana

WE, in the village, like every other citizen in the country, followed closely the visit of the UN Special Rapporteur on the negative impact of unilateral coercive measures on the enjoyment of human rights, Professor Alena Douhan, and were skeptical.

She visited Zimbabwe from October 17 to 28  2021 to assess the impact of the illegal sanctions imposed on our country. 

Foreigners from the West have rarely been fair or objective where we are concerned.

But lo and behold, the lady did her job thoroughly and boldly stated the evilness of the illegal embargo.

Indeed, our chief diplomat, his Excellency President Emmerson Mnangagwa, has presented our case in a tone that the world has not been able to ignore.

And most importantly, our President has forged ahead and not used the sanctions as a scapegoat.

Under his watch, our nation is developing through use of our own resources.

We have not extended a begging bowl to drive our development agenda.

On our own, as well as with progressive friends, we have worked against the tide of the illegal sanctions.

ln October 2021, the UN Special Rapporteur declared the sanctions illegal and a violation of civilian human rights.

Touted to be ‘targeted’, the sanctions were designed to harm the average person in a bid to make him/her angry and rise against the Government.

We are heartened that the world is rallying behind Zimbabwe in the call for the removal of the illegal sanctions.

We will not tire calling for their removal.

However, we will not just call for their removal but continue to engage in acts that develop every facet of our nation. 

The UK and US imposed these illegal economic measures to destroy the capacity of black Zimbabweans to control our resources and use them for our advancement.

That is a fact that should never be forgotten.

Despite these loud calls from every quarter of the world, the US and UK simply ignore them.

We are not surprised. 

The US and the UK have, for a long time, made little or no effort to mask their intentions of subjugating the world as seen by their unwarranted invasion and subsequent destruction of countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria, among others, as well their interference in the internal affairs of progressive nations like Zimbabwe.

Our people must forever remain cognisant of the fact that the US and the UK will not pay heed to the voice of reason but continue on their path to bring their puppets into power through uncouth means.

It is our duty to defend our nation and the development agenda that is unfolding beautifully.

We must constantly revisit our goals and self-introspect in the process of practising the philosophy of ‘Nyika inovakwa nevene vayo/Ilizwe liyakhwa ngabanikazi’.

If we are united as a people and speak with one voice and pull in the same direction, the bullies from the West cannot destroy us.

Gone are the days when Uncle Sam and the EU would bully the world without any compunction.

As the chickens come home to roost, it is now a fact that Uncle Sam and the EU can no longer abuse and bully other nations willy-nilly.

The world will have none of it.

But most importantly is that we pursue our development agenda on our own terms as we have done since the inception of the Second Republic.

Few, if any, countries have developed using other people’s currencies.

Zimbabwe is no exception.

And already, commissioned projects are evidence that we can do it on our own.

All we need is to continue on the development trajectory and not cede any ground to our enemies both from within and without.

We must continue, without any apologies, to leverage our local resources to create a sound economy and infrastructure.

The results are there for all to see.

The roads, dams, mining as well as the rebound in agriculture speak to this fact.

That does not, however, mean that we should waver in our calling for the complete removal of those sanctions.

We can, and will, do extremely well without those sanctions.

They must go.

We will greatly accelerate our growth if these sanctions are totally removed.

But most importantly, sanctions or no sanctions, let us firmly keep our eyes on President Mnangagwa and pull with him in the same direction. 

That is the only way we will achieve Vision 2030 of an upper-middle income economy. 

Yes, together we can.


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