CCC: Empire of lies


By Special Matarirano

AS the by-election fever hots up, Nelson Chamisa’s (CCC) is now running in circles. 

What else can be expected from a party with neither an ideology nor constitution whose only campaign tool is effects of US sanctions on the povo

The Western rebranded outfit has resorted to their familiar trick of stage managed events in order to give ZANU PF a bad name. 

And this is well-timed to coincide with March, the month when the US debate whether to lift or extend the illegal sanctions.  

The toxic state of opposition politics being displayed in Zimbabwe is hard to navigate and understand. 

One thing that is certain though is that the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) as a political outfit, has really rebranded to become too devious to the extent of encircling their political deeds out from any human ethics.  

The CCC claimed and still claims that the Mbizo 4 incident that took away a very precious life and gave injuries to several other human beings, was an orchestration of the ruling party. 

Without doubt, this claim and allegation has been left to trend, gain mileage and given a shocking air to breath. 

What a shame! 

The claim and allegations that the ZANU PF so-called ‘thugs’ who disrupted the Kwekwe Mbizo 4 rally were reportedly armed with machetes, spears and knobkerries, failed to pass the social media litmus test as there remains no single ‘captured’ video or photo that claimed the existential presence of such weapons. 


A spear by design is not a weapon that can be lightly hid during action, it’s unlike a knife, nor a stone. 

A machete, by design, can be very conspicuous in the flashing lens of mobile smartphones. 

Knobkerries are not difficult to capture, in use or abandoned. So why is Chamisa’s pastoral mouth and legal brains not coordinating in logical normality? 

As if the Kwekwe political falsification to cover paltry rally attendance followers was not enough, Chamisa decided to infuriate truth further by holding a ‘rant-cementing’ press conference which he mostly invited foreign correspondents to ensure a global coverage of his lies on Monday February 28 2022. 

On Monday February 28 2022, Job Sikhala, using a former Tajamuka expired comedian, Agatha Mujati, set a playlet of this blood-soaked lady allegedly attacked by ZANU PF supporters. 

A close look at what was being referred to as blood indicated tomato sauce was used to falsify an alleged attack-rampage by the ruling party. 

What a shame! 

Why is it that a world of lies is being created to build a ‘victimistic’ narrative for the CCC?

For the Kwekwe rally, there is a clear symmetrical ‘victim’ creation scenario that also was sold for the mishap in Gokwe on Saturday, February 26 2020. 

Clearly, a binary picture of what the CCC is trying to build as its image in the scope of political contestation is coming out clear. 

The people of Zimbabwe are now seeing ‘a comedian’ leadership that is committed to its ‘power’ hunger than the citizens.

For Kwekwe, with all the crowd and multitudes, the party claims to attract and with the social media posting-fever that our people have developed and with the number of smartphones possibly and suggestively in the crowd, why would anyone not capture the weapons on camera?

The rally brawl that set off the death of one precious soul and put scars to other gracious beings, started almost at the centre of the crowd. 

How did the attackers escape unscathed? 

To argument the scotching lies and try and build legitimate accusation bases, the CCC further drafted a fake letter by purportedly ZANU PF supporters to the police requesting to be given uniforms for use in an alleged violence blitz on opposition supporters. 

Cheap propaganda! 

There are two issues obtaining that are unleashing, directing, giving path to the blatant, unscrupulous and unashamed naked fabrications of truth by the Chamisa-led political outfit. 

First, March is the month when the United State of America regroup to consider the sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe through ZDERA; whether they must be lifted or extended and secondly, the growing vain at hiding the unmistakable evidence that CCC is and has already started sinking before leaving dock. 

These two very critical issues are all playing their part in the opposition (CCC)’s demise of civil decency.

Discerning political analysts prescribed a doom note for the CCC at its birth, a neonatal death. 

A neonatal death of CCC is hovering still. 

What is a neonatal death? 

Neonatal death is when a baby dies within the first four weeks after they are born. 

Neonatal death is different from stillbirth. 

A stillbirth is when the baby dies at any time between 20 weeks of pregnancy and the due date of birth. 

Hence the indicators for the malady in the CCC is a manifestation of the creation of an ‘empire of lies’ around all the activities of the party.

The party was formed amid loud tensions and discord. 

That discord is within the leadership and ‘a one man’ political show that has been witnessed since the ‘weak’ rebranding.  

Since its formation and its partake to rallies, CCC has failed to engage the services of its main stalwarts in the form of Welshman Ncube, Tabitha Khumalo and even David Coltart. 

Far-right pundits’ observations have been gaining attention, if not actual political relevance, that the hidden discord in the so-called rebranded party is the main nugget of clashes we are seeing on such rallies. 

We are set to witness more inadmissible displays of bigotry and violence.

For the past three Chamisa executive rallies in Highfield, Gokwe and Kwekwe, conspicuous misses were the faces of the three and their absence were not explained and from the three too, no word has been uttered. 


Also absent from these crucial events were the party’s executives that include James Sithole, Swithern Chirowodza and Tsepiso Mpofu, all from Bulawayo, indicating a gulf that may envelope a tribal trigonometric beacon. 

The quick display of unfounded, unsupported and unsubstantiated blame on ZANU PF remains an issue for global attention in the face of a regrouping US sanctions team. 

Observably, there are newly-emergent commercial and political drivers for the production of ‘fake political persecution news’ as a form of sanctions renewal agenda.  

So, there is more of it than ever before and some of it is quite ‘sophisticated’. 

They called for such sanctions so that these can be a tool to win elections from an economically impoverished citizenry and now their role is just to defend their existence.

Indeed, ‘opposition’s fake news’ is alleged to be just one aspect of our arrival in an entirely new era of so-called ‘post-truth’ politics: misinformation, false promises and full-on lies, the triumph of ‘feelings’ over facts, the dismissal of scientific evidence and expertise (and so on). A whole empire of lies.

The CCC party’s lying smacks of a party that exist in a vacuum and without an ounce of truth in its DNA. 

The party behaves as if our lives are still bound in an ancient, archaic and primitive dark era that witnessed political allegories pretentiously ‘wetting’ their cheeks with ‘crocodile tears while they deny truth a place in the sun. 

Why is this happening? Where did this insolent manner of talking down from the height of their purported exceptionalism, infallibility and all-permissiveness come from? 

It’s all an Empire of Lies for political grandstanding. Shame on them!


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